The new round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine will be by videoconference

Russians and Ukrainians will negotiate again this Monday, this time for video conferencewith the aim of ending hostilities, while the danger of escalation in the conflict increased this weekend with the bombing of a military facility very close to the border with Poland and the alleged military and economic aid requested from China on the part of Moscow, something that would suppose an important change in the international geopolitical panorama arising from this war.

Both Russians and Ukrainians have dropped in recent days that the climate of the negotiations has somewhat improved and that, according to members of the Russian delegation, “we can speak of significant progress.” the ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has stated that his goal is to achieve a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, after the Russian bombardment of a ukrainian military installation just 25 kilometers from the polish Border, new information casts uncertainty on a further escalation in the conflict: according to US officials quoted by the press, Russia has asked China for military support and economic assistance. This Monday, delegations from China and the United States meet in Rome to talk about the invasion of Ukraine and security around the world.

In a statement quoted by CNN, the spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, Li Pengyū, he said he had “never heard of that” and expressed concern about the “situation in Ukraine” and that he will continue to provide humanitarian aid to that country. Liu said that “the priority now is prevent the situation from escalating or getting out of control… China asks to exercise the utmost restraint and prevent a massive humanitarian crisis.”

New round of negotiations

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskystated that the goal of the Ukrainian delegation in the negotiations with Russia is to achieve a meeting with its president, Vladimir Putin. He said that representatives of both countries speak every day through videoconferences and added that the objective was to obtain effective guarantees for peace and security.

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“Our delegation has a clear task: to do everything possible so that a meeting of presidents takes place, a meeting that, I am sure, the people are waiting for,” Zelensky stressed.

Both the Russians and the Ukrainians have dropped in recent days that the climate of the negotiations has somewhat improved. “Comparing the positions of the Russian and Ukrainian sides at the beginning of the negotiations and today, we can talk about significant progress,” said the head of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Duma (Lower House) and a member of the Russian delegation. in the peace negotiations, Leonid Slutski, according to Russian agencies.

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