The new lands that arise from the volcano on La Palma cannot be registered: they belong to the State

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Urban legend or hoax, but no one will have an advantage when it comes to a supposed inscription of the new lands that the volcano emerged last Sunday in Cabeza de Vaca (El Paso, The Palm), if the lava flow reaches the sea, a circumstance that, given what the experts warned this Wednesday, is not yet fully confirmed.

Explains to Diario de Avisos about this matter the dean of Canarian notaries, Alfonso Cavallé, which, contrary to unfounded popular belief, everything arose when the San Juan eruption (1949), and not the Teneguía (1971). “When the San Juan, the lava expanded farms that, with the passage of time, turned out to be suitable for crops such as banana trees, and then it was enough to apply the provisions of the Civil Code.”

“But now – continues the specialist -, everything new is subject to the terrestrial public domain contemplated by the current regulations regarding the coasts of the entire country, so there will be no opportunity for anyone to take advantage of the collective misfortune suffered by the people today. palm trees on account of this natural catastrophe “.

In short, that the population can be calm and there will be no occasion to profit where so many have only suffered untold losses to your wealth and unrecoverable memories.

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