The Navy will offer tourist packages to the Marías Islands

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed on Saturday that the Secretary of the Navy will be in charge of “offering” tourist packages (with a maximum of three days) to visit the new natural product: Las Islas Marías, which will open its doors in three days. months.

Thus, the Navy adds a new activity. It was previously reported that he will be in charge of the operation of the ferries that will transport travelers from San Blas (Nayarit) and Mazatlán (Sinaloa) and also the planes that will be made available to boost visits.

“We are going to ensure that families with modest economic levels can come, so that it is not an island for the elite. Of course, we are going to find the balance.

We are not talking about the big but about greatness, we are talking about beauty with austerity”, said the president.

During his visit to the Marías Islands, the President was accompanied, among others, by the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco.

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