Shuai Peng was world champion in 2014, she won Wimbledon and Roland Garros but the recognition of her effort and talent has been buried in recent days by the scandal of her disappearance after having denounced a senior Communist Party official for sexual abuse Chinese. If she is hiding or is well, if she is in a concentration camp or deprived of liberty, they are alternatives to the unknown that do not blur a certainty: she may be an elite athlete with proven worth, but that has not prevented her from the risks that follow. , already ending 2021, stalking women for their sexual condition.

The highly competitive sport adds to those of us who perfect their physical abilities to unsuspected extremes. They pulverize records, jump, twist, run beyond our imagination and with their success they infect us with the spirit of overcoming the limits that we thought were insurmountable, feeding our dreams and pushing ambitions and new desires. A setback like that of the Chinese tennis star is an affront and a blow to a chain of values ​​that puts sexual equality on the axis.

Women’s football

Behind every sports professional there is a model for fans, for an entire community in majority sports, and for an entire gender if the athletes are women in a traditionally male discipline such as football. First-class footballers know this very well: they threaten a strike again because the promises they made of professionalization, decent wages, adequate resources for the category and the value of their work remain unfulfilled. That the player of Rayo Camila Sáez made a breach in her head in a game is within the possible in a highly physical game, that the medical service of the rival team had to attend to because her club did not have specialized assistants is intolerable. It is a competitive league, and the salary and professional inequality suffered by the players despite their plans and demands has no reasonable justification.

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Power in the cinema

In order to be something, you have to start by imagining that you can be, and just like a body bend each day brings your fingers closer to the ground the more you practice stretching, perseverance in reaching the goal is essential for progress and perhaps success. success. That faith and work have led actresses to smash the glass ceilings of genres, to direct films, to star in science fiction films, horror adventures. There we have Chloé Zhao, directing The Eternals, the latest in the Marvel franchise; Jane Campion, in charge of the portentous western The Power of the Dog; Scarlett Johansson herself, a movie star from blockbuster of action, all of them continue to be paid less than their colleagues, immersed in an incomprehensible struggle. Do they give less money at the box office? Do they give more difficulty to roll? They have one foot in the glittering film Olympus, but they go limp on the rights board.

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The latest television proposal now comes to our screens, a suspense series centered on a tragedy that shakes a women’s soccer team. Yellowjackets, on Movistar +, gives the handful of teenage protagonists king status; competitive at the highest level, uncomplexed, equal for plot purposes to the endless number of male characters that invade our universe of references. Young and not so young women see a twisted fiction in the plasma: women too can be competitive to the extreme, they can face a scary movie in which they not only shout, they can be represented on equal terms. Steps like this are essential, but there is still a long way to go.

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