‘The mud’: Peckinpah in the Albufera

  • Paz Vega and Raúl Arévalo star in this ‘thriller’ in which the Albufera Valencia landscape becomes one more character.

  • A film signed by Iñaki Sánchez Arrieta with a seventies, rough and violent flavor.

After visiting the Albufera of Valencia, the director Iñaki Sánchez Arrieta It was clear to him that he had to set his next film there. The strength of the landscape, the uniqueness of the microcosm and the characteristics of its inhabitants was so great that he began to think about how to take advantage of all these elements. In his head, he was always present the seventies ‘thriller’, and especially ‘Straw Dogs’, by Sam Peckinpah, at least that is what its leading actor assures, Raul Arevalo, who plays a biologist who comes to a town in the area to try to solve the exploitation of a lagoon that has less and less water and will find the general rejection of the natives.

Environmentalism versus the survival of the workers of the land. It is one of the conflicts that addresses ‘The mud’, a film in which, along with Raúl Arévalo, he also stars Paz Vega, who plays his wife, a woman who is aware of the state of emotional fragility in which she finds herself after an irreparable loss and is mired in a deep depression. Together they will try to start from scratch in that place with their daughter, hoping that everything will be solved between them, but their presence there will disturb the entire community that will act from the beginning with almost atavistic violence towards them.

“I connected from the beginning with the character of Claudia, with her pain, with her grieving process, with her loneliness and her fears,” says Paz Vega. “I found it very interesting how the film mixed the rural thriller with intimate drama that goes through a marriage who have opposing positions when facing what is happening to them “.

Among the members of that space almost stopped in time, we also find a large group of great interpreters, such as Joaquín Climent, Roberto Álamo or Susi Sánchez. The environmental complaint is mixed with a suffocating climate of tension and bad vibes in which anything can happen if the slightest spark is lit.

“Although it may not seem like it, there are neither good nor bad here. It is a place with its own laws, as happens in westerns, and you cannot get there to change them, just like that, without empathizing with their problems, acting from the pure ego “, continues Raúl Arévalo. Roughness, convulsive feelings, rage and a territory between life and death in which the characters will be perpetually suspended, as in a nightmare.

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‘The mud’

Direction: Iñaki Sánchez Arrieta

Interpreters: Raúl Arévalo, Paz Vega, Roberto álamo, Susi Sánchez

Year: 2021

Premiere: December 10, 2021


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