The mother of the alleged murderer of Marta Calvo refuses to testify

Pilar J., the mother of the alleged murderer of Marta Calvo, has gone to the court of Palma de Mallorca at 9:30 am, but has invoked her right not to testify.

The private accusation exercised by Pilar Jové and Vicente Escribano on behalf of the mother Marta Calvo has valued the mother’s refusal, saying that “The law protects her in her right not to testify against her son but her silence to the questions may be because she has some information against the interests of her son”.

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In the same sense, the lawyer Juan Carlos Navarro has pronounced, who exercises the private accusation on behalf of the other two fatalities and seven of the eight survivors.

Thus, Navarro, has affirmed that “if she were convinced that her son is innocent, she would fight tooth and nail to prove it and, hopefully, she would not keep silent as she has done today. had relevant information against his son, he would not have had any impediment in answering the questions of the accusations.

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