The most religious Spiriman twists it again: he claims that Jesus Christ had cancer

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Jesús Candel, the Granada doctor nicknamed under the pseudonym “Spiriman” and known for giving voice in social networks to the poor health management in Andalusia, has once again unleashed a comment war for your new video on YouTube where he assures that “Jesus Christ had cancer”, thus confirming that God suffered the same disease that he suffers. Although it is very common for it to be positioned in all controversial related to oncology, his followers were not prepared for this type of comment.

“This man had to have nose cancer” is one of the phrases with which the doctor begins the video, assuring that he is increasingly closer to religion and further away from the institution. In the 9:47 minute duration, he makes several reflections on the life of Jesus, on the New Testament and the feelings that God himself felt.

The video already has 28,218 views and more than 500 comments where everyone sends messages of support, understanding and admiration. “Jesus, you have made me cry with emotion” or “Very nice Jesus, some fantastic thoughts”. It is just a small amount of love that he receives from his followers.

Surrounded by controversy

It was in August 2020 when Spiriman was diagnosed with cancer. They gave him 4 months to live and he decided to control the situation from another point of view, recounting his thoughts every day on social networks, becoming viral and gaining the attention of all the people who followed him.

But despite his severe illness, the Granada-born has not been silent at any time in terms of politics and health. From the first moment he was disabled for a month by the Granada College of Physicians for the insults professed to health personnel through social networks.

In 2019 he was brought to trial for several crimes of slander and hatred in a YouTube video towards the chief prosecutor of Granada, Pedro Jimenez Lafuente; the president of the Board, Susana diaz and the former Deputy Minister of Health, Martin white. As a consequence, Jesus had to pay 2.500 euros to each one for the expressions uttered.

In addition to his YouTube channel, he also writes through Twitter, although more than once his account has had to be suspended for offensive comments.

Jesús Candel's Twitter

After all, Spiriman has been, since his activism began, a character as loved as he was hated. Until now, everything had been positive messages for him, nobody wishes him the worst.

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