The most original Christmas canapes

  • Are you organizing a Christmas lunch or dinner and you don’t know what to surprise your guests with? With these proposals you can succeed as the perfect host

Christmas lunches and dinners are a perfect opportunity to innovate in the kitchen. If you are the host of any of these events, you have probably already started thinking about the menu that you will serve your guests.

The main dishes in these cases tend to stick to the most traditional, although more and more families are opting for new options. However, where there is more possibility of taking risks is in the appetizers, with varied canapé options that satisfy the tastes of all diners.

If you want everyone to remember your good ideas that they liked so much at lunch or dinner this year, take note of the following suggestions. Probably no one is expecting them, and their flavors are designed to please any type of palate.

What’s more, its preparation is relatively simpleIt will not take more than a few minutes and they do not require a great deal of preparation or subsequent cleaning in the kitchen.

Canapes with beet pesto, pine nuts and parmesan

Grab some ‘cracker’ style cookies for support. Crush 200 grams of beetroot, half tooth of it, juice of lemon, 50 grams of pinions Y shall. Add little by little olive oil, add 50 grams of Parmesan cheese and finish this action. Place the beet pesto on the cookies and decorate with a few slices of Parmesan and pine nuts. The leftover sauce is also good for taking with ‘crudités’ or ‘chips’, as a vegetable hummus.

Prawn salad canapes

Peel a potato and cook it for 25 minutes in water with salt. After cooling, chop it into small pieces. On the other hand, peel and chop the prawns (They are also worth prawns), wash a chive and chop it very fine too. Subsequently Mix the potato, prawns, spring onion and mayonnaise in a bowl and put it in the fridge for an hour to cool down. Toast pieces of bread and serve the salad mix over them. To decorate you can use dill, red pepper or strips of lemon peel. Yes, besides you place a whole prawn on top, it will be more complete and beautiful.

Cylinders of salmon and cheese

Cut slices of smoked salmon, put on top of them a spoonful of cheese (if possible, spreadable), dill and some roe. Make the cylinder, if possible with the help of plastic wrap. If you want to remove this paper later, you can help keep it in its stable shape by tying a chive ribbon around it.

Puff pastry stars with cheese, ‘foie’ and red berries

Cut pieces of puff pastry with a star-shaped mold and bake them. In the final section of this process, put the cheese and gratin it lightly. After removing it, add the ‘foie’ and decorate with berries and some walnuts. If you also add a salsa blueberry and port wine will make you even more sophisticated.

Tuna ‘crostinis’

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Cut slices of pan and toast them lightly. Then put some cream cheese over them, and add a generous chunk of smoked tuna. If you add a little tomato jelly, it will be even better. To decorate, the ideal complement is the basil.

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