The most famous sues with gaming companies

We enjoy games as long as we win. But what if there are certain circumstances that make us lose? You definitely can’t let it stand as it is, especially when it comes to real-money gaming companies. For this reason, today, we can learn about the most famous sues with gaming companies, including the ones in the real-money gambling industry. 

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For now, let’s learn more about famous sues. Here we go!

Top-4 Famous Sues in the Casino Gambling Industry

These are the top-4 biggest cases connected with gamblers who decided to sue casinos to uphold justice. Let’s find out the results of these cases!

Arelia Taveras: The Case of Gambling Addiction

Who can sue a casino more professionally than a lawyer? The case of Arelia Taveras, first of all, reminds all players of responsible gaming terms. If you remember these basic rules and can control yourself, gambling is not harmful, and you can effortlessly access casino sites. For example, find on this webpage the best casino bonuses available in Canada or find exclusive Canadian bonuses where you need to deposit only $5 here.

And coming back to Arelia’s case, she couldn’t overcome her addiction, which caused a serious problem. The woman used to spend 5 consecutive days at Resort Casino. And over $1 million was lost at Atlantic City, which was not only Arelia’s money but also her license, her home, and the assets of her clients.

The woman decided to fix it and sued seven of Atlantic City’s casinos for $20 million, stating that these casinos are responsible for her losses. Unfortunately for Arelia, this didn’t work and all lawsuits were lost.

Christian Hainz: How to Win Back Your Money

Of course, we know that it’s impossible to get back the money players lose at casinos (unless it’s a cashback bonus form). But Christian Hainz had several ideas for doing so. He sued the casino and managed to receive some of his money back.

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As for Christian’s case, he was unlucky to rack up a series of gambling debts worth €2.5 million. He has been playing and losing money for years, suffering from a strong gambling addiction. And when he decided to use it as an argument while suing a casino, this really worked as casinos shouldn’t allow addictive players to gamble. 

However, €499.729 was the maximum amount he managed to get back.

Katrina Bookman: The Case of a Broken Jackpot Machine

Imagine how pleasant it is when you win a huge jackpot amount. In 2016, Katrina Bookman experienced this, getting a $43 million jackpot at Resorts World Casino. She was playing the Sphinx slot machine, and when she hit the jackpot, the woman decided to cash it out. However, the operator stated that it was a mistake and they could only pay $2.25 and a complimentary steak dinner.

Of course, this enraged the woman, and she decided to sue the casino for the total amount of the jackpot. But, unfortunately, the court relied on the “malfunctions void all payouts and plays” label and didn’t grant the claim.

Mark Johnston: Alcohol & Gambling

Responsible gaming terms always state that it’s a bad idea to gamble and drink alcohol at the same time. However, Mark Johnston ignored this warning. In 2014, he spent a weekend at the Downtown Grand Casino in Las Vegas. And besides spending a lot of money, he was drinking a lot of alcohol, making his debt bigger and bigger.

In total, he has been gambling and drinking for 17 hours, which made him lose over $500,000. After getting himself together, Mark realized what happened and decided not to pay for his games, referring to the fact that he was intoxicated and couldn’t recollect what happened. To protect his money, he brought suit against Downtown Grand Casino.

However, even though Nevada regulations don’t allow visibly drunk visitors to gamble, Johnston wasn’t intoxicated, which didn’t allow him to win this case.


These cases mainly show that players spend money irresponsibly, which causes different forms of gambling addiction. And to avoid this, it’s worth thinking twice before placing a real bet. Manage your budget wisely, never play at a casino when drinking alcohol, and make sure that you opt for a reliable casino not to face cases when your wins aren’t paid because the machine, which provides it, is rigged. When these conditions are summed up, your gambling experience will be safe, and you won’t have to deal with sues!

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