The Mossos reviewed 155 cameras until they found the rapist of Igualada

Brian Raimundo CM, the 21-year-old of Bolivian originwhich presumably raped the 16-year-old minor from Igualada On the night of November 1, he showed absolute disregard for the victim’s life, according to the preventive detention order.

In the document, the Igualada judge emphasizes that the sexual aggressor who attacked the victimafter knocking her senseless with a heavy blow to the head and raping her, left her thrown and without clothes on a plot of land on Països Baixos street, near the train station, to which he was going to return home, around six in the morning. Before fleeing, he remarks the car, the rapist took his coat, underwear and bag from him. That morning, it was very cold in Igualada. “The minor was abandoned on the ground, unconscious, naked, in a cold, inhospitable place, with hardly any traffic of people and with significant injuries,” she remarks. “If I had not been assisted quickly and promptly, the result would have been none other than his death“, he also states.

A trucker accidentally found the girl soon after. She had such weak vital signs that the man left her for dead. He covered her with a blanket and contacted the emergency services and when they arrived, they they found out she was alive. That is why the case, in addition to being investigated for rape, also considers that there are indications that the aggressor committed a crime. crime of murder in tentative degree.

The girl was rushed to a hospital, with a severe blow to the head, where she has been recovering from the injuries caused by the rapist, who also used a blunt object.

The start of the investigation

The researchers of the Unitat Central Sexual Aggressions (UCAS) of the Mossos, responsible for the investigation, in collaboration with the scientific police, reviewed 155 security video cameras, both public and private, that were recorded in the area where the violation took place. This is how they reconstructed, frame by frame, the victim’s journey since she left the Epic nightclub in Igualada until she was robbed in an area without cameras –they were installed as a result of this episode–. So they also saw that a hooded man was following her. This suspect got closer to her until, when there were only a few meters left for the victim to approach the place of the attack where there are no cameras —there have been since then—, he is already a few meters away. The cameras do not record anyone else at that time, six in the morning.

The scientific police took the captures of those video cameras and, using the latest advances, as the Catalan body itself points out in a statement, expanded and clarified them. In this way they managed, for example, to see the brand of the jacket that the suspect was wearing or of his sneakers.

an elusive figure

Investigators already had a suspect. But they did not know who was hiding behind that hooded figure, the images did not allow him to be identified. They managed to find out that it was Brian Raimundo when he, according to the car, when the investigators, combing through everything that those 155 video cameras had recorded in the hours prior to the attack on that early morning of the first day of November. And they ended up reviewing an incident prior to the rape that occurred near the Epic nightclub: eleven young people damaged a car. One of them was the hooded man they were looking for. In this way they were able to tighten the circle on Brian Raimundo. The ‘conseller’ of Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, has vindicated this Friday the work of the one hundred police officers who have worked to solve a case that has shocked Igualada. “We never stop working”, he assured before recalling that the Mossos resolve 83% of the sexual assaults reported in Catalonia. Although investigations as complex as these, which he started without memory of the victim – the shock he suffered prevented him from remembering anything and providing any clues – they are not so frequent.


The Mossos arrived in this way, following the trail of those who participated in the fight, to the conclusion that the young man who was hiding behind the hooded man was Brian Raimundo. And against this they already had a complaint for abuse of a minor member of his own family. And furthermore, by geolocating his mobile phone, the policemen verified that the itinerary indicated by the repeaters also matched the route that the hooded man had taken at that time.

Brian Raimundo, a lonely young man with hardly any friends, was arrested on Thursday, April 21, at the home of the Igualada center where he lived after his mother expelled him from the house after the previous sexual abuse that the Mossos had recorded. In the detailed search that lasted eight hours on that floor, the investigators found the same clothes that he was wearing the night of the attack and also, something decisive to prove his guilt, biological remains of the victim in the jacket.


To find DNA samples nearly six months later, forensic police used recently purchased reagents that reveal blood stains without damaging the sample. The reagents indicated that there was a stain on the jacket that Brian Raimundo wore that night. Five days after its extraction, the Mossos found out that the blood belonged to the victim.

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However, the coat that was stolen from the victim did not appear in the registry. Neither was the blunt object that he used to cause the serious injuries that he suffered in his private parts.

Brian Raimundo is admitted to the Brians 1 prison, according to El País, upon arrival, seeing the state in which he was, they activated the prison protocol that prevents suicide. The Mossos affirm that the UCAS assigned two agents to constantly attend to the attacked minor. “The accompaniment will not stop after the arrest, they will continue with her during the judicial process,” police sources remark.

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