The Mobile Shop Says Albertans Like To Text Each Other πŸ†

Albertans really like to text each other πŸ† emojis, according to The Mobile Shop.

The retailer, which sells phones and mobile plans in grocery stores that sell President’s Choice products, recently conducted a study on Canadian texting habits. In an email to MobileSyrup, The Mobile Shop details some “key findings” from that study.

On the one hand, Canada’s favorite emojis include the laughing face πŸ˜‚ (used by 63 percent of the population), the crying face 😒 (used by 42 percent of the population), and the kissing face πŸ˜— (used by 39 percent of the population).

Fewer Canadians like to use the “most outrageous emojis,” according to The Mobile Shop. These include peach πŸ‘ and eggplant πŸ† at six percent and fire πŸ”₯ at 13 percent. However, Alberta is apparently leading the way in using eggplant emoji.

Also, one or two emojis per message is the “sweet spot,” according to 64 percent of Canadians. However, seven percent believe that five or more are acceptable. Most of those people are from Atlantic Canada, which is apparently the “happiest emoji”. However, those who live in Manitoba or Saskatchewan are less likely to text emojis – 20 percent agree that no emojis at all is the way to go.

Finally, The Mobile Shop says that, on average, only two in 10 Canadians send text messages with acronyms like ‘lol’, while Canadians under the age of 34 more frequently use voice notes, exclamation points and GIFs.

MobileSyrup contacted The Mobile Shop for additional details on Canadian texting habits and will update this post with any additional interesting information provided by the retailer.

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