“The pandemic we have demonstrated that the funding system of museums can not depend on tourism”, stated this March Pepe Serra, Director of MNACduring the presentation to the press of the timing programmingat which the exhibition dedicated to William Turner. With a public that before the covid era the 50% of tourists and high is between a 70% and an 80% local, “antes ingresábamos 5 millones y ahora, 2”, has added, and “the increase in the price of light has resulted in a subsidy of mid-million euros for guests”.

For those of you who are working to save “My Private Resources”, call “muy justo” the global presumption of the MNAC, which is 16 million euros -leighways of the 21 million of 2008-, of the quals, 2.1 are destined for the exhibition program (in 2021 fueron 1.6). As regards the contributions of the members’ administrations of the employer (Ayuntamiento, Govern y Gobierno), Serra ha agradecido que The Generalitat has increased its contribution by 20% to the museum but has lamented in cambio that “the Ministry of Culture is falling and has not contributed more than the 30% that it has”, sumando en los últimos años una una deuda accumulated more than 8.4 million, and “including the museum’s statutes”, there were many years leading up to one million less than that. “It’s a theme that comes alive in the meetings of the patron saint of the last years between the three administrations and what is consigned in the acts”.

The amplification of the museum

On the occasion of the announcement and death of the MNAC, with the opening remarks of the Victorian Eugenia Pavilion, Serra announced that there was a sensation that the theme “is about to be unveiled, approaching the 20th anniversary of the Universal Exhibition Fira Barcelona’s transformation project, which will prevent billboards, open calls, close the Paral·lel facade … “.

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To Serra, “do not take only to walk meters to the museum (which we need) and take it to the city” means one general reform of all Montjuïc, donde también están CaixaForum, la Fundació Miró o el Mies van der Rohe, “repensando el systemes museos con coraje y ambition”. “El ayuntamiento -ha añadido- debería liderar la transformation de la montana, that there is a lot of asylum seekers there in these last few years we have not heard of: the escalators no van nunca, have not been well finished, have a discontinuity between the museum and the plaza of Spain, es decir, con la ciudad & mldr; “.

Serra, tras more years before the MNAC, cumple contraato hacia abril. Will be the employer who communicates and continues or not.


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