The misunderstood energy sovereignty: one more misfortune for Mexico

Today, March 28, in the United Commissions of Constitutional Points and Energy in the Chamber of Deputies, the controversial initiative sent by my countryman, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will be ruled on, which implies a setback of more than 60 years in energy matters. What consequences will it have? According to experts, electricity will become more expensive by using more expensive and polluting sources, we will not reach the goals in terms of energy transition, and the CFE will go from being a productive State company with rules on competitiveness similar to those of any energy producer. to a government monopoly.

A study published by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness ensures that if approved in the terms presented, this initiative will cost our pockets 500 billion pesos. But it’s not just the losses in our pockets; At the time it is approved, the private electricity generators must lower the switch immediately, which from the outset is already a violation of our investment treaties. And since CFE cannot reach the goal of 54% of generation that they want, experts insist that there would be a disproportionate number of “crazy blackouts” throughout the country, one out of every two homes would have blackouts, and especially worrying, would be the territories of the Baja Californias and the state of Yucatan.

The other scenario, which is foreseen in the reform, is that the government could temporarily and indefinitely take over these private generation plants, and this is not only a violation of our Constitution, but is also a kind of illegal expropriation that could put us in panels controversy with private companies in the affected countries.

In Yucatan alone, there are 19 clean energy projects on hold waiting to find out what will happen to this initiative. Thus, throughout the country, entrepreneurs who risk their private capital to generate development are on “pause” and not only in the sector, but in the entire business environment in Mexico, with the lack of legal certainty and excessive intervention. of the Mexican State to benefit public operations. Fortunately, with the arrival of Francisco Cervantes as President of the Business Coordinating Council, businessmen will have a serene and experienced ally.

And to all this, how did the open parliament discussion end? Everything seems to indicate that the presidents of the Commissions involved, the Deputy Juan Ramiro Robledo and my countryman Manuel Rodríguez are ready not to move a single comma to the decree, so once again this exercise was a dialogue of the deaf and official egos . Drawing attention to Senator Ricardo Monreal, a voice of consistency in the midst of the obtuse brunettes, who insistently requested that all opinions be heard because he assured millionaire losses would come. A servant trusts that the legislators of my party, the Institutional Revolutionary, the PAN, MC, and PRD, vote against this reform. Today more than ever we need a united opposition, because what happens in the next few days in the Congress of the Union will definitely influence the next mandate revocation exercise that will be just a few days later, coincidence? Without a doubt, the misunderstood message of having energy sovereignty will be one more misfortune for Mexico, just like everything that Morena touches, our uncertain future is not encouraging at all.


Soraya Perez


between numbers

Former President of the Federation of Colleges of Economists of the Mexican Republic AC

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