The minimal and delicate story of a Mallorcan nun, by Josep Maria Fonalleras

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There are rare and delicate books that will never appear on the bestseller lists. Are jewels of extreme quality, sobriety and discretion. Unique pieces, worthy of the highest recognition. It is the case of ‘The world’s flight a booklet edited by a humble house in Muro, in Mallorca, Ensiola Editorial. It is the story (real and also poetic) of a cloistered nun, Magdalena Gamundí Pons, who lived 46 years, on horseback from the XIX and XX, in the Convent of the Immaculate Conception of Palma. His life would be of no interest, beyond the continuous dedication to prayer, were it not for the fact that he left us an exceptional miniature. He made a box, with a framed glass, which contained his own cell, with all the details, with the bed and the chairs, with a crucifix, with the sheets and the window and the rosary. And with herself inside, praying. This “tiny life”, As Mateu Coll, one of the authors who reflects on this “art of escape in sobriety,” writes, it comes to us with “the pleasure of smallness.” There is a whole world in this minor picture. The finite thing to speak of infinity. The poetry. As another of the authors says, Sebastià Perelló, “the poetic dimension of minusculization”.

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