The Mexican Héctor Grisi Checa will be the CEO of Santander at a global level

The Mexican Hector Grisi Czechhas been appointed CEO of Santander Bankwhich means that he will be the CEO of the Spanish institution at a global level.

Today, Grisi Checa is CEO and CEO of Santander Mexico. His new assignment will be effective from January 1, 2023, although the appointment is subject to obtaining the corresponding approvals.

The Mexican will replace Jose Antonio Alvarez, who will continue as non-executive vice president, once the transition period has ended. Meanwhile, Grisi Checa will remain in his current assignment until December 31, 2022.

In this sense, the Board of Directors of Santander México and the Corporate Practices, Nominations and Compensation Committee will begin the process of selecting the person who will assume the general management of Santander México as of January 1, 2023, considering the plans that have been reviewed and approved, in order to ensure an orderly transition.

Ana Botín expresses confidence

Banco Santander highlighted that Héctor Grisi’s proposal for the group’s director comes after a rigorous succession process carried out by the board’s appointments committee.

“I have a lot of confidence in Hector. He has decades of experience and a deep understanding of our markets and our lines of business. In addition, in these years he has demonstrated his leadership, teamwork and ability to create value for our clients and shareholders. His excellent results as CEO of Santander Mexico and head of North America speak for themselves and are the best example of why the board has chosen him to lead the bank in this new phase of growth and transformation,” he said. Ana Botinpresident of Santander.

Meanwhile, Héctor Grisi stated: “I want to thank José Antonio for everything he has done for the bank throughout his career and for all the support he has given me since I joined Santander. It is an honor to succeed him as CEO of the group and to have the opportunity to continue building on the successes achieved by Ana and him in recent years. The size, diversification and focus on the client give us growth opportunities that are not easy to replicate. I am looking forward to working with the entire team and I have no doubt that we have the strategy, the business model and the talent necessary to generate value and unleash our full potential.”

Héctor Grisi Checa joined Santander México as its executive president and general director in December 2015. Since then, he has led the transformation of the bank to become the second largest in the country by assets, executing an investment plan of more than 1,000 million dollars, and strengthening the capacities of the institution to provide a better service to its clients.

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