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“Asshole, let it be clear to you: I hope you die.” It was the phrase with which the subway assailant said goodbye to his victim, a health worker who had reproached him for not wearing a mask and who, as a result of the attack, has lost vision in his eye.

It happened last Thursday in the Madrid Metro. On the line 1 train, at the height of Alto Arenal (Vallecas), a young man dressed in black and wearing a pink cap was giving a terrible punch to a man, who fell dejected before the general astonishment. The aggressor was leaving the subway in cold blood. Custom; It is claimed by several courts for various crimes.

EL ESPAÑOL has learned that the detainee (his arrest occurred on Monday afternoon) is an old acquaintance to the police. He is a 19-year-old young man, of Colombian nationality and with numerous police records. Mainly for theft and robbery, but also for crimes against property. It has search and capture orders for both courts of Alicante and Mallorca, as confirmed by police sources.

The police identify the aggressor of a toilet in the Madrid metro

The same sources have pointed out that, although he got off the train at the Alto Arenal station, “he and his people usually move through the area of Sierra de Guadalupe, who is in Palomeras. “Those same friends who accompanied him during the attack and who also faced the attacked toilet.

We have also learned that the young man was trying to hide himself, once the video of the attack went viral on networks. And that he was extremely careful when the media reported that he had been detained and investigators were tightening the fence.

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Dyed her hair

To try to avoid arrest and try to go unnoticed, he dyed his hair and he hid the characteristic dilations that he wears in his ears. In addition, he tried to escape from his home when the police came to arrest him. That the agents surprised him collecting his belongings and that he was trying to leave there to hide in another place.

Despite this, the agents of the Mobile Brigade of the Higher Police Headquarters of Madrid They took over the investigation and managed to identify him and locate the alleged perpetrator in his home a few days later.

Sources close to the case have indicated to Efe that this Monday a person has gone to court to declare that he knew the alleged aggressor and to contribute his data personal.

In parallel, the investigators have taken a statement from the two companions of this individual at the time of the attack, which occurred with a US fist, as La Sexta has advanced and police sources have confirmed to Efe. They have therefore discarded the first version of the incident, which spoke of a stab in the eye and the loss of it.

Victim operated

After the event, Metro notified the National Police and Municipal Assistance Service of Emergency-Civil Protection (SAMUR-PC), which treated the victim of the attack and transferred him to the Hospital 12 de Octubre, precisely the center where he works.

This Monday the victim has undergone surgery in the hospital, although it is necessary to wait for his evolution to know if he has lost part or all of the vision in one of his eyes.

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According to current measures, the use of the mask is still mandatory in public transport, including platforms and passenger stations and cable cars, as well as in vehicles with up to nine seats, including the driver, if the occupants of passenger cars they do not live in the same address.

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