The merit of being the worst, by Albert Soler

It is not easy to never do anything right, for everything to always be a disaster. What the ‘governet’ is achieving in Catalonia has merit. Even the most incapable, the most illiterate, the most idiotic people, ever, by chance, carry out something without error. The most stupid guy in the world, one day he does something right, unintentionally. Hence, the ‘governet’ is worthy of praise. The latest has been to collapse the Salut website by launching the Catalans to get the covid passport with a single day of margin, but before he did the same with the pharmacists website when trying to give a mask to each Catalan and, previously, the same with the aid to the self-employed. Someday they have presented a decree without signature or date, so that the court has had to throw it back. You lose count of the stupid things. How difficult it must be to always be wrong, I say it with sincere admiration.

If anyone, in their work, sets out to do everything wrong, they will fail. No matter how hard you try, sometime something will work out. Not to the ‘governet’, never that. In Catalonia we have brought together the greatest experts in the mess, true professionals of failure, people who were already born with the gift of not doing anything right in their bloody life. Of course, it is not enough to be born with this gift, it requires constant work to improve it. That you get lost for a moment and go, and get it right.

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Then there is the merit of bringing together the useless majors in a ‘governet’, luckily the yellow bow that they wear facilitates the choice and prevent someone slightly trained from sneaking in there. This allows us to glimpse what a ‘republiqueta’ in charge of that troop would be like. We would be ruined – even more so, I mean – sick, hungry, without a roof to shelter in and shivering with cold (that now, in summer we would roast with heat). But what would we laugh about? We would die shortly, but we would die laughing, which is a good way to die.

At home, when we see a ‘councilor’ on TV pompously announcing a new measure, we bet on when is it going to go wrong. Not if it will go wrong, we all know that in my family, even the cat, but when. How funny. The best thing is when they come out later to apologize without apologizing, pretending that everything is under control. And holding back his laughter, with a serious face. Like the great clowns. How good they are, the ‘screwed up’.

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