The Mercuriades | Crakmedia relies on artificial intelligence

Crakmedia is omnipresent in the digital world almost everywhere on the planet. After developing its own algorithm, this Quebec SME specializing in web marketing increased its productivity and, in turn, its profitability. And it plans to focus more on artificial intelligence (AI) to continue its growth.

Things are going pretty well for the business on Charest Boulevard. His biggest challenge right now is managing his growth.

“You have to jump on every possibility, but at the same time, you have to refuse customers. Saying no is difficult,” explains Olivier Casaubon Bouchard, head of operations at Crakmedia for seven years.

Another sign that things are going quite well for the SME with 200 employees: when we spoke to him, Mr. Casaubon Bouchard was preparing to go on vacation for a week to Cancún, Mexico. Not with a dozen members of senior management, but with 180 employees of the company. “We chartered a plane just for us. It’s our way of saying thank you to our teams,” says the manager, who has worked in Silicon Valley.

Crakmedia presents itself as a leader in web marketing, performance marketing, web development and traffic monetization. Most of its clients are in North America and Europe, but people all over the world click on campaigns created and managed by the SMB.

Billions of clicks

She also claims that the digital advertisements and media placements that she develops with her team (programmers, videographers, designers, etc.) are seen up to 1.5 billion times per day in more than 150 countries and territories.

We are the link between the seller and the consumer. We have 5,000 different marketing campaigns at any time. Our algorithm allows us to offer even more effective campaigns.

Olivier Casaubon Bouchard, head of operations at Crakmedia

The tech company, founded 20 years ago, has been working on its algorithm for four years.

“Every day, the algorithm makes 424 million interventions in our different campaigns,” he says. This allows you to personalize them, make updates and avoid overexposure of the same campaign. We thus have a fairer and more targeted product. »


Olivier Casaubon Bouchard, head of operations at Crakmedia

Result: the SME has, to date, gained 150 hours of productivity per month. “It doesn’t just represent time savings,” says the boss of Crakmedia. This has an effect on our profitability. It’s in the millions of dollars. »

Crakmedia’s business model is based on the effectiveness of its campaigns. If, for example, a consumer clicks on a banner and this results in a sale, the Quebec company receives a percentage of the sale. Also, Crakmedia derives part of its revenue from the approximately 2,000 “affiliates” who use its marketing tools.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence occupies an important place in the technology company’s strategy. And it will increase, maintains Olivier Casaubon Bouchard.

“Generative AI and machine learning are good for us,” he says. And it’s only getting better. We will be able to further optimize and make our content more effective.

“All of our employees use artificial intelligence tools in one way or another. »

No stranger to competitions, Crakmedia is a finalist in the “Increased productivity” category at the Les Mercuriades 2024 awards. It is thanks to the creation and implementation of its algorithm that the SME believes it has a chance of doing well. “We do not arrive empty-handed,” maintains Olivier Casaubon Bouchard.


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