Sorry for the self-quote. On June 20, 2020, I suggested on Twitter: “A non-partisan proposal for next year. On March 8, 2021, a demonstration throughout Spain in memory of the deceased by the coronavirus ”.

I do not know if Vox read my suggestion, which had a provocative point, but the truth is that proposing that date as a tribute to the victims of Covid-19 has achieved an impact on opinion and today social networks are fuming among supporters and detractors .

The issue is not so much the act of the next demonstration as questioning the gender equality montage with which the left spends huge sums of our money. More than to attend homeless social needs, to finance the chiringuitos of feminist friends of all genders.

Let’s start with the so-called Ministry of Equality, the one that started Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and continued Mariano Rajoy. It is an expensive apparatus destined to spend huge sums on propaganda and subsidies when the equality of women is guaranteed by article 14 of the Constitution:

Spaniards are equal before the law, without any discrimination based on birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance..

We have ministers (usually ministers) who promise to comply with and enforce the Constitution and who dedicate themselves to discriminate on the basis of sex or “other personal condition or circumstance” in their political action, in their legislative proposals, ministerial orders and decrees, in the calls of oppositions or in the positions of free appointment.

All this is a clear breach of the constitutional precepts that the Constitutional Court does not protect or recriminate, perhaps fearful of the foreseeable fury unleashed. They seem to be unaware that women’s rights are in the Constitution and that discrimination laws positive who advocate incur blatant injustices.

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The most obvious of all of them is the burden of proof on the accused in cases of reporting ill-treatment, where the male must prove that he has not committed this crime, which is a unique and openly damaging case of the right of presumption of innocence.

The 1978 Constitution marked the end of any legal discrimination against women. Before that year, women suffered from limitations on the disposition of checking accounts and properties. Even the Penal Code exempted or reduced the punishment of the abusive husband of his wife under certain circumstances.

I remember that, in 1996, at the end of a debate and gathering session on the radio station SER, with Gemma Nierga, Rosa Regàs Y Luis Carandell, I asked the author of Celtiberia Show which was the anecdote or news that had most caught his attention in our Spain in previous years and he replied: “A five-column headline in the newspaper The case that said ‘Stab his wife without just cause’.

I recommend reading or rereading the book of Luis Carandell, Celtiberia Show, so that the subsidized neofeminists of the hopping demonstration realize the extraordinary change that took place in Spain in the space of a few years.

Undoubtedly, many people have believed the UN message about the date of March 8. But it so happens that in the UN the vast majority of the represented States, of more than doubtful democracy, and that they voted that international feminine party, still severely discriminate against women.

I don’t know what will finally happen on March 8. What I do believe is that the best date to celebrate equal rights for all Spaniards is the feast of the Constitution on December 6. With article 14. We can all meet there.

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