• Ustec calls for the closure “without delay” of educational centers that accumulate a high incidence of coronavirus cases

The Ustec union, majority among teachers of public education in Catalonia, has requested this Monday the “immediate” closure of educational centers where the incidence of the pandemic is severe. They speak of a “exaggerated” and “alarming” increase of positive cases between students and workers, and request actions from those responsible for the Department of Education. According to the Generalitat, last Friday there was 52,843 people confined to the educational environment, mostly students.

According to the data of the ‘ministries’ of Health and Education that have been made public this Monday, in Catalonia there are 50,632 confined students and 2,176 workers in the same situation. In fact, there are two schools completely closed due to the incidence of the virus. In this context, teachers ask “responsibility and consistency” to the Government, and insist that the centers with the highest incidence should close before the start of the Christmas holidays.

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“We cannot understand how it has not acted in this regard,” they add the statement, where they brand as inadequate and insufficient measures in the centers to avoid the increase of infections. “It is necessary to review the plans,” they insist. The teaching group is also one of the essential worker groups who were vaccinated months ago with the AstraZeneca vaccines, whose effectiveness begins to decline, as the director of Public Health of Catalonia, Carme Cabezas, also pointed out this Monday. These groups have been urged to make an appointment as soon as possible for the booster dose to be administered.

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