The lonely life of Noelia de Mingo with her mother before stabbing again: her neighbors fled

The day before he stabbed a cashier and a supermarket owner in his town, The Molar (Madrid), the doctor Noelia de Mingo, 48, had coffee with his brother at the inn owned by his family in the town hall square. Judging by her attitude, those who saw her did not imagine that, a few hours later, around 12 in the morning this Monday, De Mingo would leave her mother’s house, located on the upper floor of the same inn and, knife in hand , it would travel the 270 meters that separated it from the Unide supermarket to execute an attack of these characteristics. They couldn’t imagine it, but they feared that, at some point, something would happen.

The reason is that De Mingo, 18 years earlier and in a similar way, ended the lives of three companions stabbing work in the old clinic of La Concepción de Madrid, the current one Jiménez Díaz Foundation, and wounded six more. It was April 3, 2003. For those events, she was tried in 2006 and acquitted of the charges of triple homicide and attempted murder, after it was found that she suffered from chronic paranoid schizophrenia.

Thus, she was sentenced to 25 years of confinement in a psychiatric hospital. De Mingo spent 11 years in the prison psychiatric hospital in Fontcalent, in Alicante. In October 2017 was released, after several reports advised that she could lead a normal life, always tutored by her mother, then 79 years old, and with follow-up by a psychiatrist.

The decision set off the alarm bells of the defense attorney for the families of the victims, Carlos Sardinero. “We cannot take the risk that he will do it again,” he said at the time. In addition, the association El Defensor del Paciente also pointed out in 2017 that De Mingo’s departure entailed a “Enormous danger”.


In spite of everything, De Mingo returned to her town, where she was from, and stayed to live with her mother. Comfort. He barely went out into the street. His mother tried to prevent him in order to strictly comply with the conditions of the guardianship. When he did, they walked together. Both attended mass regularly and often traveled to Madrid by bus for medical follow-up.

The house where De Mingo and his mother have lived for the last few years.

The house where De Mingo and his mother have lived for the last few years.

They also bought in the supermarket where the attack took place, although By Mingo He had no direct relationship with the two women attacked, beyond the one who would have one more client. Thus, the aggressor had no motive to carry out the attack, beyond the emergence of a new Psychotic attack like the one she already suffered in 2003 and then led to a multiple attack.

Despite the fact that he almost always went out with his mother, Carlos, a neighbor, assures this newspaper that he had seen the doctor alone taking the bus on several occasions. “In all these years it has not caused any incident, but when I saw it, I immediately changed the sidewalk,” says the man to EL ESPAÑOL. “Your hairs stand on end”He continues, talking about when he crossed paths with her. He couldn’t help but think about his background. The tobacconist also points out that De Mingo also went alone to her establishment to buy the transport pass, implying that the mother could not always keep an eye on her.

Other residents explain to this newspaper that the doctor had a lonely life and he barely related. She was once seen having coffee at her family’s inn, like the day before the assault. Usually he hung out with his brother or with some other friend. But he had very few. One of them explains that De Mingo, under the effects of medication, behaved like a normal person, although he does emphasize that he had the “Gone look”.

De Mingo’s family, in addition to running the inn, owns a hotel at the entrance to the town. “They have always had money and are very religious,” says Marisol, another neighbor. In his opinion, “they should never have let her go.” Much of the town knew what she had done and looked at her suspiciously.

“Help, help me!”

The events that shocked the quiet life of this town 40 kilometers north of Madrid and which does not reach 9,000 inhabitants took place at mid-morning on Monday. As this newspaper learned, the mother of the aggressor would have gone alone to the clinic, a moment that De Mingo took the opportunity to leave his house with a large knife, about 20 centimeters.

Several eyewitnesses reported to EL ESPAÑOL having seen her walking decisively down Avenida España, gun in hand. “We have seen it, but who can stop it!” Said Carlos. After leaving his house, De Mingo walked in a straight line through the 270 meters of the same avenue that separate the house from the supermarket. Before entering it, there would be hidden the knife between clothes. Pilar, another neighbor who was inside the store, saw her pass behind her in one of the aisles. The next thing he heard were the shuddering screams of “¡Auxilio!” and “¡Socorro!”.

Supermarket where the attack occurred.

Supermarket where the attack occurred.


It was the screaming of Virginia, one of the cashiers on the morning shift, who had barely been at her post for a month, according to several neighbors. The 46-year-old woman was stabbed in the side of the torso. According to the close environment of the victim, the wound reached him the lung, spleen and kidney, although it was only intervened superficially. After being attacked, she fell to the ground, at which point the store manager saw the attacker coming towards her. The 53-year-old woman tried to defend herself and received minor cuts and stabs in the arm.

With the cashier on the floor, the manager went by her own means to the El Molar Pharmacy, right in front of the establishment. There, two pharmacists attended her and lowered the blind to prevent De Mingo from chasing her and entering. Meanwhile, the aggressor went out into the street, where several neighbors rebuked her and tried to corner her, while they called the police. De Mingo did gesture to go home by the same avenue from which he had come but, the owner of the tobacconist -on the same street- made him go back.

It was then that a police patrol showed up at the scene. Local police. The two officers got out of the vehicle with extendable batons, despite the fact that several witnesses yelled at them that draw the gun. De Mingo was cornered on a wall near the supermarket while “she was with the knife at the ready,” as explained by one of those present, Ricardo, who witnessed the entire scene from his balcony.

At that moment, without shouting or uttering a single word, despite the tension of the scene, the aggressor tried to pounce on one of the policemen brandishing the knife in the air. After stepping back, the agent pressed her against the wall again while the other approached her from behind. A few seconds later, they managed to disarm and reduce it.

Later, emergency services arrived at the scene of the attack, evacuating both wounded. Just a few hours after what happened, the supermarket continued with its usual activity although in the environment the Cracking nerves. Among the workers was a replenisher who was nephew of one of the attacked.

De Mingo was subsequently taken into custody of the Civil Guard, who transferred her to their premises of Saint Augustine of Guadalix. The investigation is under summary secrecy.

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