The living emotion of ‘Encanto’, by Mónica Vázquez

‘Encanto’, the new Disney movie, tells the story of the Madrigal, a family that lives in a magical house, in a hidden town in the mountains of Colombia. Alma, Madrigal’s grandmother, loses her husband Pedro trying to survive forced displacement in Colombia. As millions of families did, they had to leave their home behind in order to save their children from a life of violence. On the run, Pedro loses his life defending his family, leaving Alma alone with three babies. At that time, the Madrigal are blessed with a magic candle that provides them with a home, their Casita, while raising mountains around it to protect the area from future invaders and thus found a prosperous town, which they called Encanto. The Casita in question is a mansion with a life of its own that protects and helps the Madrigals on a day-to-day basis. All members of the Madrigal family have special powers, except our protagonist, Maribel. Stephanie Beatriz, whom we knew by the name of Rosa Díaz in the acclaimed television series ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, voices Maribel, leading an almost entirely Colombian cast, with talents such as María Cecilia Botero, John Leguizamo and Angie Cepeda, among others. .

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Directed by Byron Howard, Jared Bush, and Charise Castro Smith, and written by Bush and Castro Smith, with songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, ‘Encanto’ is a movie full of tenderness, humor and living emotion in which we see the Madrigal family weaken and strengthen in the face of adversity, facing their greatest fears. In his story we see the value of family and how difficult it is to love and accept yourself, when We base our identity on the satisfaction of those we love the most. Without intending it, we can end up being slaves of what we imagine are the expectations of our family members, burying who we are and what we really want, normalizing misery as part of our daily lives. Be careful, he tells us ‘Charm’, with forgetting to love ourselves therefore wanting to be for others.

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