The letter from the parents of the deceased girl in a Madrid school to the driver

The parents of the girl who died on November 4 After suffering a run over at the gates of the Montealgo school in Mirasierra, they thanked in a public letter the expressions of affection that occurred since the traffic accident.

In the letter, to which Europa Press had access, Alex and María dedicate some emotional words to the mother who was driving the vehicle with which the fatal accident occurred. Two other minors were seriously injured and are still admitted to the hospital, one in La Paz and the other in Niño Jesús.

“We love you. We are overwhelmed by so many displays of affection but as at the moment we are stuck in our cave trying to heal each other we don’t know a hundredth of what you are praying“begins the letter.

They recognize that they are not able to read so many messages of affection because they would be “crying all day” and they cannot afford it since they have five other little ones to take care of. Maria, the youngest, was the youngest of them all.

“We assure you that your prayers support us. I know you are doing it but I ask you many prayers for the other two families and for Mary, the mother who has touched him, in our opinion, the worst drink of the accident and once again we repeat that you abandon yourself to the Lord to realize that you are not at fault and that although it is incomprehensible Our God has allowed it to obtain greater goods “, the letter picks up.

Return to faith

The parents report that in the funeral home they have been told several testimonies of people who were far from the Faith and that thanks to their little girl they have gone to pray the Rosary in the churches and they have come out “very comforted”.

Therefore, they are summoned to “That they do not leave him and continue looking for the Lord so that they get to know him, love him and let themselves be loved by him”. “Human love is finite but God’s love is infinite, so we invite you to drink from the source of love that can give us a true life in fullness and later eternal life”, emphasize María and Alex.

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The parents are grateful for the deployment of the Samur, police and firefighters of the Madrid city council who attended them “with so much affection and professionalism”, for which they assure that it “makes them very proud of their homeland, of their beloved Spain.”

“What to say about our Fomento schools: Montealto and El Prado and many others who have demonstrated with works the Christian values ​​that they promote. Of course to our Mother the Church that in our diocese of Madrid and many others have not ceased in their prayers and signs of support, “they add

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