The leader of merchants from the Historic Center, Diana Sánchez Barrios, left the Santa Martha Acatitla Prison to continue her legal process at her home for health reasons, reported the spokesperson and coordinator of advisers for the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City , Ulises Lara.

In a message to the media, he said that the house arrest for Sánchez Barrios does not imply that the criminal process against him for the crimes of aggravated robbery committed in a gang and aggravated extortion has concluded.

A judge agreed to change the precautionary measure from informal preventive detention to house arrest, at the request of Sánchez Barrios’ defense.

“The legal situation of Diana N. is not modified, who was linked to the process a few months ago for the probable commission of the crimes of extortion and robbery, both aggravated,” he said.

He mentioned that last night a hearing to review the precautionary measure was held before a control judge of Mexico City, and the judge modified the measure by stating that it was in attention to the protection of the care of the affected, since required medical attention.

Ulises Lara highlighted that the Prosecutor’s Office has a complainant who said that he had been forced by Sánchez Barrios to pay him an amount of money in exchange for allowing him to sell in the vicinity of the Historic Center of Mexico City.

“In his complaint, the aggrieved mentioned that on November 11, 2019 he gave money to Diana N. in Madero street, Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, and on various dates other amounts. However, via social networks, in July 2020, the victim possibly received threats that materialized by causing damage to a business premises and merchandise, “he said.

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Diana Sánchez Barrios was arrested on March 18 of this year in the Tabacalera neighborhood, due to other complaints that indicated that she was leading a group of people who demanded the right to a floor from merchants, and in case of breaching or delaying said payments, they were threatened , extorted and even kidnapped.

Ministerial work allowed the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office to establish the probable participation of Diana Sánchez Barrios in the probable events.

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