The “Le Devoir” family is growing

Decided to add more content to the offer of To have to, we are continuing our hiring momentum, with the recent addition of reporters, desk managers and editors to our valued team. These recruitment efforts follow the objectives of our strategic plan and are possible thanks to a winning combination: responsible management, the invaluable support of readers and donors and the breath of fresh air that the payroll tax credits offer us and different grants.

Since last May, we have recruited nearly twenty players. It is with pleasure that I present some of them to you.

This summer, five supernumerary operators were granted permanent status. It is Caroline Chatelard, who has been working with us since 2019 as a pupitreuse after having been a journalist and pupitreuse in regional French dailies; of Shannon Pécourt, digital console operator since 2019, after stays at Press and The Canadian Press; ofAriane Chevrier, digital console, who stayed with us after an internship in our digital laboratory; of Benoît Philie, operator with several years of experience in Journal of Montreal and to Press ; and of Laurence Thibault, digital operator, holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from UQAM.

“After doing an internship in winter 2020 at D Lab, I discovered at To have to an open and welcoming team, ”explains Ariane Chevrier. “The digital team welcomed me with open arms and saw it as an opportunity to start my career as a young journalist in a flourishing media full of projects. […]. The duty is an ambitious medium, already well established, but which does not stop growing and which always goes further. “

« The duty has always been linked to a family affair for me, says Laurence Thibault. It is “our” diary, much like a fifth member of the family. An assurance that in Montreal, a team is active in “denouncing rascals” as the term goes, but also to concoct cultural suggestions. The duty is a much needed democratic tool that has survived more difficult financial times, but has always stood up. For me, it’s a journal of fighters made up of people who believe in this profession more than anything. “

At the review, two players recently joined us: Aurelie Burelle, who has six years of experience in translation and editing; and Anne Charpentier, who has been a journalist, editor and proofreader.

In addition, you will soon discover new signatures on our platforms. The journalist Stephanie Marin joins our team as legal and police reporter. Stéphanie has been a journalist for The Canadian Press since 2009 after spending two years as a radio reporter for Radio-Canada. The journalist is also a lawyer, a profession she practiced for seven years in a private practice before making the leap into journalism. Stéphanie will occupy a niche in which we intend to remake our brand.

On Parliament Hill in Quebec City, two new journalists are entering the To have to : This is’Alexandre robillard, an experienced journalist who made his mark on The Canadian Press and Journal of Montreal, which he is now leaving after seven years at the Bureau of Investigation; and of Francois Carabin, parliamentary correspondent at 24 hours, after three years at Metro.

Our data journalism team also welcomes Laurianne Croteau, which comes to us from Radio-Canada, where she has worked since 2016, and moves to To have to to devote herself entirely to this form of journalism which fascinates her and has constituted her field of expertise and studies. Finally, to culture, we open our door to Etienne Paré, journalist who worked at 24 hours, QMI and at Journal of Montréal, where it made its mark as a news skidder. Welcome to all these players, who are brilliant additions to the family. The duty.

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