The last movement of Teodoro García Egea | Video analysis of Veronica Fumanal

A crisis in a political party is like an infected wound, It takes much longer to heal than it might seem and can have more dire consequences than the initial injury itself. So those who consider that the cainite war of the popular ones is staunched with the mere union of Feijóo and Ayuso, it is because they do not imagine that when the leadership leadership of a political organization falls, the organization that has been built around it also falls. , and more, when it is done with an iron hand and little territorial dialogue. The enthronement of Alberto Núñez Feijoó is not going to be a military parade, even though the majority of the organization wants it that way. The big losers of this crisis know that they have nothing to lose and those who have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, play without fear, without ties and without responsibility.

The Popular Party had a lot to lose in the motion of censure in the Region of Murcia, but when it was signed by the deputies of the PSOE and Cs, he had already lost everything. In that case, from the shadows of democracy, betrayal was woven by the Cs turncoats and an ex-Vox, without anyone realizing that the democratic will was going to be twisted for the benefit of the PRI Murciano, the PP. López Miras gave an interview to the Ana Rosa program just the day after presenting the motion of censure in Murcia in which he was seen relaxed, self-confident, because he already knew the movements that, apart from the anti-transfuguismo pact, with nocturnality and treachery, were going to take away from the parliamentary groups the legitimacy of the representativeness of the polls.

historic agreement

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The popular party had a lot to lose with the validation of the labor reform in the Congress of Deputies, but when consensus was reached at the social dialogue table, it had already lost everything. Government, who had been branded as the most radical of democracy, came to a historic agreement with employers and unionssomething that with a stroke of the pen knocked down his narrative of opposition. Surely, the validation, together with the budgets, was the most important vote for Moncloa. Many criticized the position against the PP, some moderates were betting on abstention, since the receipt of European funds depended on its approval. The absolute refusal was only understood on the day of the validation, in which two UPN deputies struck the fright with nocturnality and treachery and contradicted the voting discipline against their own word and that of their party. The images of the vote show the expected joy of the popular bench when they still did not suspect that Casero’s confusion was ruining his plans.

The two operations have the same pattern of behavior, movements in the shadows outside the legality/ethical regulations and democratic practices. Very reprehensible behaviors bordering on corruption that distort the democratic will and the parliamentary game. I say this, because both plays featured Teodoro García Egea, a plumber from the dark side who has not been heard breathing since Wednesday with his interview on ‘El Objective’. And that, that he is playing in the terrain that he knows best, that of the shadows of power, the Machiavellian maneuvers of the last moment that seek to achieve an objective at any price, whatever the cost. In last Tuesday’s interview with Ana Pastor he assured with a half smile that with a probability of 7.5 out of 10 more than one candidate would present himself to the PP primaries. Too high I would say so as not to be concocting a false flag maneuver that at the last moment turns Feijóo’s enthronement into a banana republic. The crises in politics are deeper and with more derivatives than those that are published, quarrels, power games, friendships, loyalties… too quickly some went over to sides, we have to wait to see the last movement of Teodoro García Egea.

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