The labor sector agrees to demand a 25% increase in minimum wages by 2022

The representatives of the labor sector that are part of the National Commission of Minimum Wages (Conasami), agreed, in a meeting, to sign a single agreement to demand the salary increase to the minimum for 2022, which they set at a 25% increase.

After the meeting held by the members of the Conasami from the labor sector stated that it is vitally important that the increase in professional salaries, since they are almost at the same level as the minimums, hence a proposal would have to be made substantial increase for this sector.

Next Thursday, November 25, is the monthly meeting held by the Conasami that heads Luis Murguía and it is expected that it will be that same day when the workers ‘sector will officially present their petition to the employers’ sector and to the government.

In an interview, José Luis Carazo, spokesman for the labor sector in the Conasami, commented to The Economist that there are two important factors that will focus “the complicated negotiations at the minimum salary”, One of them has to do with the fact that the Federal Labor Law which establishes that “minimum wages cannot be below the inflation observed during the period of their validity elapsed”.

And the second aspect, highlighted Carazo, is linked to the fact that professional minimum wages have begun to “be of concern because there is a lag of approximately 63% that we are below, and only last year did some of its recovery begin” .

It should be noted that the minimum wage this year is located at 141.70 pesos a day; while in the North Border Free Zone It is at 213.39 pesos a day.

“For the labor sector it is important that professional salaries are increased by a percentage that does not leave them behind; until last year when the same treatment was given as the minimum wage, where the figure of the MIR (Independent Recovery Amount), but we need to get them back; otherwise, it is being generated as another different lag, and we as a country should not allow it because afterwards it is impossible to recover what it has lost ”, he stressed.

Likewise, Carazo highlighted that “on December 1, the permanent session of the Conasami to reach the 2022 fix, among the novelties we find is that the inflation has been quite high, the power of salary recovery was lost for more than 40 years and the minimum salary; Furthermore, now legally the salary cannot be below the inflation”.

It should be noted that the October report Conasami informed the Council of Representatives that in real terms both salary zones presented a recovery in purchasing power of 8.5% per year in September. Despite the progress of the inflation During the month, 6% per year, the recovery of purchasing power remains above the price increase.


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