The labor reform will be published in the BOE this Thursday with immediate entry into force

The royal decree law with the labor reform agreed with employers and unions It will finally be published this Thursday, December 30, in the Official State Gazette (BOE) with entry into force that same day, according to sources from the Ministry of Labor.

After its approval this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers, the Government had indicated that the norm would be published this Wednesday, 29, but it will finally be this Thursday by a matter of timing.

Among the changes introduced in this rule, after intense negotiations with employers and unions, are some aspects of the labor reform of the PP in 2012, recovering the ultra-activity of the agreements and the priority of the sector in terms of wages.

Along with this, the causes and the maximum time to resort to contracts temporary that are simplified ending with one of the most widespread, that of work and service.

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At this point, there will be a period of three months for the adaptation of the current temporary contracts and those of work and service in progress may be extended for 6 more months from the entry into force of the rule.

The BOE does publish this Wednesday other standards recently approved definitively in the Cortes: the law on urgent measures to reduce temporary employment in public employment, which comes into effect tomorrow; the guarantee of the purchasing power of pensions, which will be in force on January 1, 2022, and the General State Budget law for 2022, which also comes into force in January.

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