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The King visited the Armed Forces Operations Command on Thursday at the Retamares base, in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), from where all the military action for the Afghanistan evacuation operation from the Kabul airport was coordinated.

Felipe VI has reached the Operations Command, led by Lieutenant General Francisco Braco, accompanied by the Minister of Defense, Margaret Robles, who later held a working meeting of the Armed Forces Intelligence Center (CIFAS).

There were a total of ten days in which Spain rescued 2,206 Afghans, according to data provided by the Government. Specifically, there were 1,677 citizens and family members who had worked for the Armed Forces and Spanish cooperation during the last 20 years; But there were also former employees of the European Union, the United States, NATO and Portugal.

For this mission, 130 soldiers were deployed along with a score of Police, both at Kabul airport and in Dubai, the stopover of the airlift established for evacuation. This had as its main support three Air Force A400M aircraft.

Felipe VI during his visit to the Operations Command of the Defense Staff, at the Retamares base.


Already visited Torrejón

The monarch already visited the Torrejón de Ardoz air base on August 28, where the evacuees from Kabul arrived, and had the opportunity to personally thank the work of the personnel of the different ministries and organizations that paid the first attention to the newly arrived Afghans. .

On that visit, where he was accompanied by the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, and up to eight ministers, also had the opportunity to visit the provisional camp where the evacuees were staying until their relocation.

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The Operations Command, from the Retamares base, was also the ‘brain’ of the ‘Operation Balmis’ to fight the coronavirus and was visited by Felipe VI in April of last year, in the middle of the pandemic and the first state of alarm in force.

The last times that the monarch visited the same place were in May 2020 on the occasion of Armed Forces Day and in February of this year, although this time to learn about the work of the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE).

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