The key series for the week of May 2

After immersing ourselves in the mystery of ‘The Luminous’ arm in arm with Elisabeth Moss and following the end of the Byrde’s journey in ‘Ozark’, this week there will be series to discover or embrace again. Below, our proposals in full.

one. ‘Harry Palmer: The Ipcress File’: Icon of British Espionage

John Hodge (screenwriter of ‘Trainspotting’) writes and produces this new adaptation in six episodes of Len Deighton’s espionage novel that already gave rise to the cinematographic classic ‘Ipcress’ (1965). In the midst of the Cold War, British sergeant Harry Palmer (Joe Coleex-‘Peaky Blinders’), arrested for dealing in the black market in Berlin, escapes from prison by becoming a spy and trying to track down a nuclear scientist. Movistar Plus +, from Monday, day 2.

two. ‘Clark’: the thief who seduced his hostages

Swedish bank robber Clark Olofsson is famous, among other reasons, for having been present at the failed heist that gave rise to the term ‘Stockholm syndrome’. This and others of his adventures are now immortalized in a series starring Bill Skarsgård (the clown Pennywise from the recent diptych ‘It’) and directed by the friend of excess Jonas Åkerlund (author of mythical video clips of Madonna or Lady Gaga and of films, well, not always mythical). Netflix, Thursday, day 5.

3. ‘Welcome to Eden’: Paradise is never what it seems

In what looks like a national review of ‘Nine perfect strangers’ (with Amaia Salamanca taking over from Nicole Kidman as new age guru), five attractive young people, all of them very present in networks, are selected from a hundred partygoers to participate in a mysterious experiment on an island far from everything. Amaia Aberasturi (‘The Age of Wrath’) and William Pfening (‘Foodie love’) will surely make the proposal bearable thanks to their insulting charisma. Netflix, Friday, day 6.

4. ‘Tehran (season 2)’: Glenn Close gets entangled in the skein

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The second season of the ‘thriller’ co-created by Moshe Zonder, chief screenwriter of ‘Fauda’. Niv Sultan returns as Tamar, a Mossad hacker who infiltrated Tehran to help blow up the Iranian nuclear reactor. Failing the mission, he must plan an operation that endangers his loved ones. He joins the cast Glenn Close, in only his third regular role in a series after ‘The shield: Outside the law’ and ‘Damage and damages’. Apple TV +, from Friday, day 6.

5. ‘The wilds (season 2)’: new survival maneuvers

Kind of an intense crossing of ‘Euphoria’ (the same angst, the same female lead) and ‘Lost’ (a mysterious island, an experiment about which little is known in principle), the first season of ‘The wilds’ was one of the best surprises of 2020. From Friday we will be able to know more about the situation revealed in that vertigo cliffhanger: there is another group, that of the boys, also facing what seems like a tough survival. maximum anxiety. Prime Video, Friday, day 6.

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