The Kamel report on the death of Joyce Echaquan must move Legault, according to the oppositions

The Prime Minister Francois Legault must put aside his personal reluctance and partisan interests and recognize the existence of the systemic racism demonstrated by the mistreatment that led to the death of Joyce Echaquan, say the opposition parties.

The Liberal leader Dominique Anglade invited Mr. Legault to rise above the fray and to take gestures of reconciliation with the Aboriginals.

“He continues to divide on this issue because he thinks it appeals to a certain category of his electoral base,” she lamented in reaction to the publication on Friday of a coroner’s report on the death of Ms. Echaquan.

Ms. Anglade felt that Mr. Legault was showing stubbornness in refusing to recognize, as head of government, systemic racism, as recommended in the report.

“M. Legault is”sideways”, She said in a press scrum. He is really “sideways”. He refuses to recognize things that are obvious. “

The parliamentary leader of Solidarity Quebec, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, also invited Mr. Legault to recognize the existence of systemic racism.

“We need a prime minister who recognizes when he’s wrong,” he told reporters. Quebec needs a Prime Minister who is able to go beyond his personal reluctance to move Quebec forward. “

The Association of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador was not able, Friday, to specify when it will comment on the report made public by coroner Géhane Kamel.

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