The judge sends the man who attacked a policeman on a bus in Zaragoza to prison

The head of the Court of Instruction number 6 of Zaragoza has ordered this noon provisional prison for Bilal Moujammi, the Moroccan migrant in an illegal situation who brutally assaulted a police officer who asked him to wear the mask on a bus in Zaragoza, on October 17. The magistrate has not imposed bail and has decreed that the prison be communicated.

The suspect has declared before the judge this morning in the City of Justice that “I was so drunk” when the events occurred and he has shielded himself in that for that reason he doesn’t quite remember what happened.

It has also stated that, contrary to what is reflected in the recording of the event disseminated by the media, there was a “bump” or “push” shortly before by the agent, and that caused his brutal reaction. He has even asked that the images be reviewed.

He has also indicated that, after the attack occurred, he felt fear and decided to flee by bus to Milan, but that he gave up because he found that there were many police controls. It was then that he decided to go to Alicante, where he has acquaintances, since he has previously resided in that city. He was aware, he acknowledged, that his action had been recorded.

Possible charge of a hate crime

In the judicial interrogation it has emerged that the suspect, who is awaiting the decision made by the judge about his sending to prison, cHow do you request the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution?He has a record for robbery in Ibiza.

“He is charged with an attack on a law enforcement officer and another with injuries,” explained the lawyer for the private prosecution, Pilar Sangorrín, at the courthouse door. The lawyer, who intends to exercise popular action, has indicated that, at the appropriate procedural moment, she will accuse Moujammi of a hate crime.

The Moroccan citizen was transferred yesterday to the Aragonese capital from Alicante, where he was arrested on Monday by the National Police.

The Higher Police Headquarters of Aragon has reported that Moujammi is charged with the crimes of attack against authority and injuries. In addition, since he is in Spain in an irregular situation, the file that he had open for a possible expulsion from the national territory will be processed.

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Your reaction when an agent asked him to put on the mask on a Zaragoza bus it was excessive. He started punching the policeman and kicked him in the chest. As a result of these blows, the victim suffered a stroke in one eye and was covered with bruises and contusions.

The migrant is in Spain in an irregular situation and it has transpired that long ago he was expelled from Norway with the express prohibition to enter Schengen territory, due to the commission of a robbery. It has also been known that around 2019 he was legally in Spain, since he obtained a residence permit through a relationship. In their country, Morocco, they have no police record.

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