The judge sees signs of pedophilia in a priest of Sant Andreu

  • About 1,000 photographs and 400 videos with pornographic images of minors were found on his computer

The priest of Barcelona JCV is one step away from being tried for an alleged crime of possession of child pornography, having found about 1,000 photographs and about 400 videos with images of minors on his computer. Judge Francisco Miralles Carrió has concluded the investigation and considers that there are indications against the 63-year-old religious who, when he was denounced, lived on the premises of the Jesús, María i Josep school (known as Pare Manyanet) of the district of Sant Andreu and he was rector of the parish. This material was found by a computer scientist who, in the end, paid the consequences: the management accused him of violating the confidentiality clause and opened a harsh file for having reported his discovery to the Mossos.

The legal case against the priest was initiated on April 1 of this year by a alleged crime of production, distribution and possession of pornographic material of minors. The judge who has directed the investigations details in his car, to which EL PERIÓDICO has had access, that from the actions carried out it is clear that JCV, “from an undetermined date” and at least until March 16, had a hard disk photos and videos with child pornographic images from your Toshiba laptop. In its mobile phone 152 other files with the same characteristics were also found.

At the prosecutor’s mass

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The togado considers that the facts may constitute a crime and, therefore, agrees to continue the process against JCV, giving transfer of the case to the prosecution and to the private accusations so that in 10 days they present their writings requesting punishment or the file of the judicial proceedings. Afterwards, it will be the turn of the priest’s defense, although beforehand it is possible to file an appeal against the magistrate’s decision.

The pornographic material was found by a computer scientist from the Jesús, María i Josep school when the priest requested that his personal computer be repaired. It was last March 15. The technician, who had just started his workday, picked it up and took it to his office. He examined it and opened it in an internal search engine. By mistake, typing, he came across photo and video files stored on the hard drive. The thumbnails offered no doubt: they were images of child pornography. The computer scientist did not know how to act and contacted the Mossos through Twitter. The following day, two officers entered the school grounds, consulted the material and took the computer away. Twenty-four hours later, the priest was arrested.

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