The judge rejects the accusations and proceedings requested by the family of Helena Jubany

  • They requested that three new suspects be charged: two people from the UE Sabadell environment and a user who harassed her on the internet

  • The process was reopened last year with new leads, with no progress in recent months, shortly after the crime was prescribed in February 2022

A judge from Sabadell (Vallès Occidental) ha rejected the opening of new proceedings and to make other charges in the case of the librarian Helena Jubany, found dead in 2001 in this town, as requested by her family. Jubany, 27, born in Mataró, was found dead on December 2, 2001 after being thrown into the courtyard of a building naked and with burns on her body. a crime that has not yet been solved.

The young woman’s family asked the courts a few days ago to indict three new suspects: two people from the environment of the Sabadell Hiking Union, an entity to which the librarian belonged, and a user who harassed her in internet chats, as revealed by the hard drive of the victim’s computer.

In one order, the court of first instance of Sabadell nevertheless rejects the request made by the private prosecution that asked the magistrate to investigate three new suspects for their alleged involvement in the death of the young woman. For the magistrate, there are no “indications of criminality that link in a certain way” these three people with the murder of the librarian, so he rejects that they are charged in this case.

The judge also understands that “there is no place for the practice” of the new proceedings requested by the private prosecution. Among these new procedures, the victim’s family requested that the judicial police carry out a attestation to review the investigation.

Likewise, the judge agrees to release the judicial police unit to report on the status of the investigation, and denies a change in the same as the Jubany family intended, which requested the incorporation of the Mossos d’Esquadra to the research team.

It will prescribe in 2022

In his order, the magistrate agrees in this sense “to maintain the established criterion” until now in other previous judicial decisions that the National Police “Continue developing the work of the judicial police in this case, without prejudice to the duty of collaboration, support and cooperation between police units.”

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The judicial process for the murder of Jubany was shelved in 2005 and reopened last year with new leads, with no progress in recent months, shortly after the crime was prescribed in February 2022.

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