The judge rejects Oleguer Pujol’s last attempt to file his case, in which the prosecutor sees “undisputed” evidence of a crime

  • Anti-corruption goes back to police reports from 2015 that declare the existence of solid indications of tax crime and money laundering

The judge of the National High Court Santiago Pedraz has rejected the last attempt Oleguer Pujol to file the procedure in which he is accused of the real estate operations carried out through Drago Capital. The magistrate refuses to rule until he concludes the investigation of the case, in which Anticorruption considers that there are indications “solid and undisputed” crime against the Public Treasury and “incriminating elements” enough of money laundering.

Oleguer, who is awaiting trial for the so-called Pujol case, in which he faces a tax request from eight years in prison for illicit association and money launderinghad requested the dismissal of the procedure, which began in the Central Court of Instruction number 1 and then went to 5, to join it to the one that affects the whole family, but it was never done.

To reject the claim of Oleguer Pujol and other defendants, the judge has endorsed an Anticorruption report in which it is explained that Between 1992 and 2000, 116 million pesetas (697,174) in your Andbanc account. Between 1992 and 1999, she received at least 10 account transfers from her older brother, Jordi Pujol Ferrusolato whom his parents, the former president of the Generalitat and his wife, Martha Ferrusolacommissioned to manage the family assets, according to the judge in the Pujol case.

From there, says Anticorruption, different contributions to the Drago Real Estate Partners fund and investments in Panama came out. The account was closed in 2010 with a cash drawdown of 100,000 euros, another 73,000 pounds and a transfer to an Andorran account of 800,000 dollars.

Brick Project

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The prosecutors Jose Grinda and Juan Jose Rosa recall several police reports from 2015 in which the route taken by the commissions derived from the so-called Brick Project was described, through which dozens of Banco Santander branches were bought and sold, through various crossed contracts and verbal agreements between different companies (Sun Capital Partners, ARD Choille and Aegle International).

According to Anticorruption, part of the money ended up in the Virgin Islands and on Guernsey and payments for the sale of real estate were camouflaged through contracts signed with ARD Choille and Marway, controlled by the The Hague-based tax planning services company ITPS Group. Instructions related to this entity appear in an agenda intervened on Oleguer Pujol at his home, as well as the fees of the also accused Jacob Broers for his services.

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