The judge of the National High Court Manuel García-Castellón has agreed to the free dismissal of the chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, when considering the statute of limitations for the crimes for which he was charged for contracting by the company the companies of former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo and, specifically, Cenyt.

In an order, the head of the Central Court of Instruction 6 considers the request of the defense of Sánchez Galán, to whom he charged in this procedure the crimes of continued active bribery, crime against privacy and continued crime of falsifying a commercial documentl committed by private.

According to the magistrate, the imputation of Sánchez Galán is linked to the Arrow projects (from 2004 to 2006), Black Board or BB (years 2004 and 2005) and the Gipsy and Posy Projects (year 2009), when he worked, first as vice president and CEO of Iberdrola, and later, since 2006, as president of the company. The work, the order exposes, would have been carried out by Villarejo through the Cenyt Group while he was in active service in the National Police Corps.

Without changing the facts

The work, the order exposes, would have been carried out by Villarejo through the Cenyt Group while he was in active service in the police, which is essential for there to be a crime, because thanks to this he accessed information that should be protected.

The resolution does not change the facts investigated and explains that the file was agreed after the Criminal Chamber adopted with respect to another manager, Rafael Orbegozo. On June 3, the court ruled on his appeal and declared it “clear” that the act he was accused of “would be prescribed, having passed more than 10 years between March 2009 and June 23, 2021, which is when the procedure” was directed against him “by quoting him to be heard as investigated & rdquor ;.

“The forcefulness of this resolution leaves no room for action for this instructor, who had repeatedly dismissed the requests for dismissal and filing made by Sánchez Galánin different resolutions”, affirms the magistrate. The last one, last March.

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However, upon verifying that the latest facts for which investigated him are from 2009 and having “more than 10 years elapsed between the date on which the last imputed act was committed and that of his summons as investigated & rdquor; must decree the free dismissal and declare the criminal liability extinguished.

To Bilbao

In the same order and with the same argument, the magistrate also agrees to dismiss two other investigators, José Luis San Pedro Guerenabarrena and Juan Carlos Rebollo, regarding the crime of bribery. The crime of coercion due to the complaint filed by director José Antonio del Olmo will be sent to the courts of Bilbao for investigation, as the National High Court ceases to be competent to do so.

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