The judge cannot seize Luis Medina for the ‘mask hit’ because he only has 247.26 euros in the bank

Judge Adolfo Carter has not been able to preventively seize the businessman Luis Medina to ensure that he can face the civil responsibility of being sentenced for the hit of almost a million euros in commissions that it charged to the Madrid City Council for the covid material contracts.

In a document sent to the parties advanced by, the holder of Court of Instruction of Madrid number 47 points out that in the account of the aristocrat has found only 247.26 eurosand there is no trace of the two bonds for a total amount of 400,000 euros that he would have acquired with the commission obtained in the purchase of covid material from Malaysia.

In the resolution, the magistrate gives the parties five days to urge “the adoption of new precautionary measures of an economic nature for the insurance of civil responsibilities”.

Medina got as a commission in obtaining these contracts (by means of a letter accrediting it as the exclusive agent of the manufacturing company for the supply and procurement of medical devices) a total of 1,000,000 dollars (916,000 euros) from Malaysia and transferred them to a personal account, which has already been emptied as verified by the instructor of the case.

With this money, according to the complaint, he acquired a model yacht Eagle 44called “Fair”, which he registered in the name of a Gibraltarian company whose ownership he shares with his brother; in addition to bank bonds.

The magistrate admitted this Tuesday the appearance as private accusations, that is, as direct victims of the alleged crimes, both from the Madrid City Council and from two parties in the municipal opposition, Podemos and PSOE. He is waiting for Más Madrid to complete some paperwork to let him also be a party to the procedure.

In the same resolution, it highlights the seriousness of the crimes of aggravated fraud, false documents and money laundering charged to Medina and his partner in the plot, Alberto Lucenoand underlines that such conduct could have been committed, “at the height of the covid 19 pandemic, with thousands of deaths daily“.

three crimes

The description of the scam in the Penal Code is something that seems to fit perfectly in what happened in the Madrid City Council, where according to the complaint filed by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Luceño presented himself as an expert in importing products from the Asian market, with factories in China at his disposal, and as the exclusive agent of the Malaysian company, something that was not true.

The almost 12 million euros that the masks cost the municipal coffersgloves and test to detect covid Luceño set them as the price of the products and imposed them on the City Council, relying on his “false” manufacturer position and exclusive agent “In doing so, he concealed that a high percentage of the offered price (approximately 60% in the case of masks, 81% in the case of gloves and almost 71% in the case of tests) corresponded to commissions that the defendants were going to receive”.

In addition to the premium the material that arrived was not adequate in some cases. The gloves received in Madrid on April 8, 2020 were of poor quality and only reached the wrist, when they had been ordered up to the elbow. In addition, the City Council itself was able to verify that a pair of gloves of the same quality and characteristics as those received, for which the Madrid City Council had paid 2 dollars per unit, they were offered to the public for 0.08 euros.

As for the masks, the actual sale price was $2,689,300, a sum that the brokers artificially inflated to make a profit of $4 million, that is, 148% of the actual price of the product. Of the 250,000 tests received75,000 had a sensitivity level so low that they were unusable.

falsehood and laundering

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As far as false documents are concerned, presumably both before the City Council as well as in banking entities who asked the businessmen for explanations after receiving the large commissions close to 6 million euros per transfer from Malaysia. were precisely the banks that warned the Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering (Sepblac)which alerted the Prosecutor’s Office.

About him money laundering, his investigation is what justifies that the Anticorruption complaint refers to the specific assets that could be acquired with the money illicitly obtained in the ‘pitch’. Also due to the possible commission of said crime, Judge Carretero has ordered a preventive seizure of said assets.

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