The jobs in greatest demand for 2022 (and those most at risk)

The digital transformation that some organizations have undertaken has become a key factor in the creation of new jobs. As companies digitize and automate their processes, the business demands different profiles to execute new tasks.

The trend towards a more digitized and data-rich economy, with the use of artificial intelligence and technology to make manual processes more efficient, is part of the fourth industrial revolution. The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) estimates that the 65% of all employment in the country it is at high risk of being automated.

But the rapid advancement of technology is not only transforming jobs, it is also creating new positions with high demand. According to an analysis by ManpowerGroup’s Talent Solutions firm, the roles that are gaining more relevance in organizations are linked to technological competencies.

“Soft skills, in combination with digital and technological knowledge, have become the backbone of the profile that organizations look for in people to manage resources, drive digitization and face the volatility of the context for the next year”, highlighted the signature in a statement.

According to the analysis, five jobs Booming due to the digitization of businesses and that will be more offered next year are:

  1. Data Scientist Analyst
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialist
  3. Big Data Specialist
  4. Specialists in strategy and digital marketing
  5. Project automation specialist.

“In the country, the shortage of personnel with this new profile is concentrated in key sectors such as Logistics and Manufacturing, both report great difficulty in recruiting the right candidate,” said ManpowerGroup.

According to the study The journey to the hybrid organization of NNT Data México, 53% of large companies in Latin America are implementing automation strategiesThis is largely due to the fact that eight out of 10 organizations perceive these projects as key to the future of business.

The interest in investing in digital transformation projects is focused on the search for higher standards in implementing technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots and big data in the short term. This trend is demanding new specialized talent And, at the same time, it is causing some roles to lose demand.

In this sense, the firm identified that the positions with less relevancein front of digitization and automation are:

  1. Data capture wizard
  2. Administrative and executive secretaries
  3. Accounting staff
  4. Assembly and factory workers
  5. Managers of business services and administration.

According to a LinkedIn report, in the last year the jobs with the highest growth are those that they have to do with technology since many companies that have had to take their products and services to the Internet or have increased their remote staff.

In addition, the demand has increased in positions related to planning, people who help manage project development and ensure that the team can handle its remote workload effectively.

The centennials they know

According to the Coderhouse platform, in the areas of technological training more than half of the students are centennials, that is, young people under 25 years of age.

Some of the fields with higher proportion of young people in Mexico they are:

  • UX / UI design (66%)
  • Data Analytics (62%)
  • Data Science (62%)
  • Marketing Digital (55%)
  • Web Development (50%)

“Faced with an economy hit by the health crisis, it is not illogical for young people to seek employment in careers linked to technology since these are currently the ones with the most promising salaries both in Mexico and in the world ”, explains Christian Patiño, CEO of Coderhouse.

As natives of a digital age, in the coming years it will be increasingly common for centennials stand out in the most important positions of the technology sector.

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