The JEC confirms the case of Juvillà and advises Borràs of legal consequences and no action

  • The administrative organ of the reason for Citizenship and expedites a new credential

New resolution of the Junta Electoral Central (JEC) about the scouting of the Pau Juvillà Cup. The administrative organ requires the President of Parliament, Laura Borràs, which accompanies the expedition of the credentials of the next person in the list of the CUP to the elections of 14-F. This is what the third secretary of the Mesa confirms.

In its resolution, the JEC gave the reason for City Dance and denies the petition for mediators cautelares of the ‘cupaire’, by which it is advertised that its agreement of 20 years is complied with by the petition for the withdrawal of the deed. In addition, five hundred residents of Borràs in order to inform the JEC of the media that has complied with its dictates and the advice of “legal consequences” is not available.

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The Parliament approves the martes present a content-administrative appeal ante el Supreme Court in defense of Juvillà, al egual that lo hizo él, to try to blind his scan hasta haya sentencia firme. This written todavia has not been presented, according to parliamentarians, because in what timeframe the Jews have presented themselves. Of all forms, the JEC states that its dictatorship is firm, because it has five days to execute the decision that decides the Supreme Court. In a communiqué, ERC, Junts and the CUP were reaffirmed in the agreements reached by Parliament.

The cup was condensed by the Tribunal Superior de Justícia de Catalunya (TSJC) has six months of disqualification and a fine of 1,080 euros for negligence in refusing to withdraw one of his emeralds in his Paeria during the 2019 election period.

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