“The Island of Love”: here are the first five girls of the 2nd season

The first five girls of the second season of “The Island of Love” were unveiled on Monday, a week before the launch of the new intrigues which will take place in the Dominican Republic.

Last week, the Productions Déferlantes team unveiled the first five guys, but had to cut one before filming even began, following several allegations on social media of alleged misconduct. Here is the portrait of the five girls who are added this Monday, to the four boys still in the adventure.

The reality show adapted from the “Love Island” format will air Monday through Thursday at 9 p.m., beginning April 18.

Here is a portrait of these candidates:



Age: 23 years old

City: Terrebonne

Occupation: Beautician

Astrological sign: Gemini

Amélie is SO expressive, her face speaks without her even having to say anything. Behind this “tattooed bad girl look”, hides a girl who is a little too naive in love. In seduction mode, she has an explosive temper that can sometimes intimidate the male sex.

What you need to know about Amelie:

• being in a relationship is her dream! She wants to find the father of her children.

• When she gets hooked on a guy, she becomes an FBI spy. #WatchOutBoys

• She still sleeps with her baby blanket that follows her everywhere, even in the Dominican Republic!

• Two things to impress him every time: beautiful buttocks and tattoos.

• She dreams of moving to the Caribbean. What a funny thing that she flies to Las Terren



Age: 23 years old

City: Terrebonne

Occupation: Author and model

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Model, author and podcast host Rubie takes her place and knows what she wants. In love, she is looking for an emotionally intelligent man, open-minded and who will know how to love her in all his intensity. She says it herself: she represents everything a man dreams of. It only remains for him to find his male counterpart!

What you need to know about Rubie:

• She has published two books of poetry. #GirlBoss

• She lives with her grandmother whom she considers her best friend (but no question of bringing dates home).

• His faults: 1) Always in the mood. 2) She thinks too much. 3) She always laughs at the wrong time. • She believes in energies and carries her crystals with her (especially her rose quartz for love!).



Age: 25 years old

City: Gatineau

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Astrological sign: Aries

This fatal blonde hides two personalities: Bianca, the professional girl, on her business… and Kyla, her alter ego who goes out on Friday nights to party! When she falls in love, she does EVERYTHING for her boyfriend. But to steal her heart, you must first impress her father. And so far, no one has succeeded!

What you need to know about Bianca:

• She never had a profile on dating apps. #RealLife

• She has lucky underwear that she wears to go on a date.

• She is a big fan of Justin Bieber. #BabyBabyBabyNooooo

• His weirdest crush: his high school history teacher. #Love story

• If she goes to a guy’s house, she ALWAYS makes sure to check the bathroom for girl’s hair



Age: 20 years old

City: Terrebonne

Occupation: Psychology student

Astrological sign: Virgo

Naomi is a very outgoing verbomotor who talks fast, fast, fast! In love, she needs challenges! When it’s too simple, it has zero interest! Don’t hurt her because she’s VERY resentful. We will have warned you…

What you need to know about Naomi:

• Her day camp name was Sundae.

• His biggest inspiration in life: his parents who are still in love after 25 years together.

• She NEVER pays for her drinks at the bar, she always finds a way to get them offered to her.

• His worst fault: being too frank! “I lost my silliness-inhibiting filter at birth.”

• She’s a real granny. IMPOSSIBLE for her to keep a secret



Age: 26 years old

City: Sherbrooke

Occupation: Beneficiary attendant

Astrological sign: Gemini

Nadia knows what she wants in love. Dating is a thing of the past. She is ready to start a family! If her suitor doesn’t want children, bye, next! When she loves, she becomes super cheesy and showers her man with little attentions.

What you need to know about NADIA:

• His language of love: services rendered.

• With her, there’s no time to fool around! She’s already given her boyfriend an ultimatum to get her engaged.

• On a first date, she prefers to pay the bill herself. #Independent woman

• She is addicted to ketchup, she puts it everywhere!

• She has a collection of sweatshirts belonging to her ex-dates.


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