The IPN teams, ready for the challenge

ONEFA / Salvador Larios Pérez.

In an event headed by the Director of Sports Activities of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), Lic. Carlos Pantoja Becerra, last Friday the three teams that will represent the institution in the 2021 tournament of the ONEFA Major Category were presented, in an event held at the facilities of the Stadium “Ing. Wilfrido Massieu Pérez ”from the Professional Unit“ Lic. Adolfo López Mateos ”from Zacatenco.

The last major category match to be held by ONEFA, before the “stoppage” due to the pandemic, was on November 9, 2019, when the White Donkeys defeated the White Eagles 24-17 on the grid of the Olympic Stadium in the City of sports.

It was the first time that two polytechnic teams contested the final of ONEFA’s highest conference since 1989, and this has generated enormous expectations for the Institute’s teams to have a solid performance in 2021 and fight to retain the championship of the Conference of the 14-Big in 2022.

And this without mentioning that, in the FADEMAC higher category tournament, another totally polytechnic final was registered, in which the Owls of the Higher School of Medicine (ESM) defeated the Silver Wolves of the Higher School of Engineering 41-15 and Architecture (ESIA). The Owls will participate in the ONEFA tournament for the first time since 1985.

The format of the event was half an hour for the presentation of each of the three teams, with the presence of their respective Head Coaches, their two captains and two players who were in charge of modeling the uniforms of their squads for the next season.

The national runners-up, Águilas Blancas, opened the event. HC Enrique Zárate pointed out that he will present a team made up of 44 veteran players and 26 rookies. Four players were recruited to reinforce the team, but he clarified that three of them played almost their entire sporting career in the seedbed system of the Águilas Blancas themselves, before going to other teams.

Manuel Cajiga, linebacker for the feathered, was happy to return to the field and meet again with the same strong and united team as always. He thanked the opportunity to participate in the NFL’s International Player Pathway program and intervene in the Combine held in Monterrey on October 23, but acknowledged that “it was not a personal achievement, but an achievement of the Águilas Blancas, as we are a team where we all support each other and give 100 percent for our colleagues ”.

Ernesto Landa Tinajero, co-captain of the Santo Tomás Volatile, recognized that being captain of the team of his loves is a dream he had since he was a child, and when he was asked if he would like to play a “champion of champions” against the leader of the Another group commented, “I love to play football. If it’s Christmas or New Year, it doesn’t matter. “

Cajiga acknowledged that it will be hard not to face Pumas CU this season, particularly for senior players, but “our focus will be on the rival that corresponds to us to face week by week.”

Next came the Owls, represented by HC Rafael Duk Delgado and captains Abraham Flores Maceo and Ian Ruiz Romero, both defensive linemen.

The nightbird helmsman said he has a roster averaging just two exhausted major league eligibility seasons, with 24 rookies and 14 fifth-year elements. “I feel very motivated by this new opportunity that destiny and American football offer us.”

Ruiz Romero pointed out, “It is not easy to explain what we feel when we return to play. It was a mixture of happiness and tranquility ”.

Finally, the current defending champions, the Burros Blancos, with HC Agustín López Suárez and captains Aarón García Garnica, runner, and Alfonso Baeza Hernández, linebacker, were presented.

The helmsman of the Pollinos de Zacatenco, was grateful for the return to the grills. “Just four months ago, we weren’t even sure if there would be a season or not. American football wins today ”.

The roster consists of 34 veterans and 36 rookies, but the helmsman emphasized the program’s commitment to the academy. “Our current squad has 37 players with full enrollment at the IPN. In 2019 only 20 percent of our campus had this condition. It’s something the institute is focusing on. “

Obviously, the most recurring theme was the return of Alejandro García Rosado to the QB position, after much speculation about his departure from the team. “Alejandro comes to join, be part of the team and fully integrate. There is nothing more to comment ”.

On the lack of a championship game for this season, coach López noted: “Our main objective was always to get back to play. Honestly, I don’t see room for a bowl to be played between group champions at the end of the season. “

At the event, it was announced that the match between Burros Blancos and Pumas CU from UNAM will be held at the Olympic Stadium of the City of Sports. In this regard, García Garnica pointed out that it will be very exciting to face the Golden Horde in the Insurgentes building. “It is a great stage that we also feel like our home, and the fans will be present to support us.”

This will be the first match of the albiguindas in the campaign. Águilas Blancas and Búhos start the tournament as visitors, against Leones from Universidad Anáhuac Norte and Red Wolves from Arkansas State University, Querétaro campus, respectively.


The complete results of this second weekend of action in the ONEFA senior category tournament were as follows:

14-Big Conference (Date 1): Lynx UVM 10, Lions UAMN 16; Borregos Tec Monterrey 34, Pumas Acatlán UNAM 0; Sheep Tec CEM 16, Sheep Tec Puebla 15; Sheep Tec Toluca 50, Wild Colts UAEM 13; Borregos Tec Guadalajara 14, Pumas CU UNAM 21.

National Conference (Date 2): Lobos UA Coahuila 38, Borregos Tec Querétaro 8; Indios UA Ciudad Juárez 34, Cimarrones UA Baja California 27.

Central-South National Conference (Date 1): Lobos ULM 22, Panteras GE “Siglo-21” 27; Tecos UAG 17, Leones U. Anáhuac-Querétaro 35; Red Wolves ASU-Querétaro 29, Cardinals UIW-Bajío 12.

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