The invasion of Ukraine deeply worries Quebecers

The war in Ukraine is causing a lot of worry and anxiety around the world, especially in Quebec.

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After two years of an anxiety-provoking pandemic, people now fear a Third World War.

“What I see is that people are more and more anxious and have to find ways to get out of it. We see it in the comments of people, the fear is very present”, explained the psychologist Paul Langevin, in an interview with LCN.

People are afraid of what Putin might do. Some wonder if the Russian president will be satisfied with Ukraine or if he will decide to invade other countries.

TVA Nouvelles took the pulse of citizens on Saturday. Here are some reactions collected by our journalist.

“It’s horrible. I have family there and it is really difficult for them (…) We are not able to contact them (…) I feel bad, because I can not do anything.

“I am 82 years old and it scares me. I knew the war of 1939, I was seven years old. The planes went by, we turned off all the lights and we went to hide in the cellar»

“I find it quite horrible (…) I don’t think we can let it go”

To see the full explanation, watch the video above.

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