The political philosopher Jean-Francois Revel He was in love with Spain and our gastronomy, so in his frequent trips here he took the opportunity to investigate culinary novelties and give a good account of them. His physical appearance, short in stature, generous in outline and more serious than smiling, concealed an overflowing intelligence.

He was not known for his fondness for good food, which was a distraction, but for his books and articles, in which he denounced the harassment of liberal democracy by those who seek to end it. He worked as a journalist and published judicious articles, small essays more typical of a teacher, which appeared in L’Express (who directed), Le Point and other French media, and also in Change 16 Y Diary 16 during the 80s.

If he lived today (it will be 15 years since his death), he would elaborate on denouncing the threats to Spanish democracy by an encroaching and often petulant social communist power. What he would say he already wrote about plots similar to the hands of a socialist power, who knew inside before embracing the liberal doctrine, like so many others. The socialist power wants, says Revel, “to be subordinated both education and information, the same culture as justice.”

In Spain, the alteration of democracy is taking place without sufficient political and intellectual alarm arising

And what happens in Spain? He was a fighter against communism, which he included within the term socialism, as in this other reflection from 1984: the goal of the dirigiste state “is to destroy all power other than its own, absorb it, feed on it. This trend becomes predominant when the state falls into the hands of a party, although there may also be two, who believe they have the mission of changing society, man, life ”.

As a whistleblower of tyrannical attractions (The totalitarian temptation was one of his first books), he warns about “the segments of totalitarian organization and action that tend to form in democratic societies.”

In the Spanish case, the alteration of democracy in 1978 is being carried out without sufficient political and intellectual alarm arising to agitate sleeping consciences. The Catalan elections have just proved it. Socialism has doubled the number of seats and the populism led by Leninist Pablo Iglesias maintains its electoral quota. And this in a region in which secessionism is rampant and in which political experiments accentuate its economic and social crisis.

Catalonia is today the demonstration that the transformative experiment is progressing without obstacles

Catalonia today is the demonstration that the transforming experiment is advancing without obstacles, like a motorized battalion that leaves the earth crushed and wasteland. When the citizens realize that the crops have failed and they have nowhere to get a livelihood, there will no longer be a remedy.

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The underground transformation that Spanish democracy undergoes goes largely unnoticed by the silent, but implacable control exercised by the Government over the media that inform (it is to say) a large majority of the population. Starting with RTVE, the public corporation whose control was the dream of Pablo Iglesias, and continuing through most of the other televisions, a good number of radios and newspapers and intense activity on social networks.

Never has a political power in democratic Spain had such a protective media army. To that is added the hibernation of Parliament with the excuse of the pandemic and the performance of a well-nourished and tireless propaganda machine, in the style of the great absolutist powers, installed in Moncloa and paid for with the money of all Spaniards.

This disguised change operation would not be successful without the collaboration or blunders of the opposition.

This disguised change operation would not be successful without the collaboration or blunders of the opposition. It is evident that the opposition does not collaborate in the task, but it cannot be said that it acts with the efficiency and success that the seriousness of the situation demands. Sometimes it can even be said that it does not act. In Spain there is an inert opposition, which does not react effectively, which today should begin by making citizens aware of what is happening so that they feel the logical concern about the future that awaits us if the disruptors of the system consume their plan.

Parliament is still semi-closed and control of the Government intermittently, but Spaniards do not gauge the risk of the suspension of an essential function in democracy, because it has not been well explained. An education law is approved without dialogue and by express method thatwhich puts at risk the freedom of education and attacks the common language, and the silence about it is thunderous. Another express law without debate, that of euthanasia, unusual in the world, is only fought by some health workers left to their own devices.

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Left to his own devices he follows the king emeritus in an unprecedented exile, attacked from time to time on public television and on the networks, as part of the fight against the Monarchy, the basis of our democracy. But the opposition no longer remembers it. Government control of TVE is constant and often extravagant, but not enough warnings have reached many viewers.

Managing the pandemic has been a miscellaneous disaster, but a majority are willing to excuse it.

The control of the Judiciary that the Government seeks is still alive, but the opposition’s attention is mute, if not asleep. Secessionist prisoners are taken out to the streets to campaign and the Prosecutor’s Office, a friend of the Government, react when they have finished the play, in the absence of criticism and judicial scandal. Managing the pandemic has been a miscellaneous disaster, but a majority are willing to excuse it. Nobody brings out the colors of the Government from the abandonment of residences for the elderly.

Irrational or threatening norms and projects against freedom occur, such as those in favor of squatters and those of gender ideology, and they advance without a minimum brawl. Few doubt that freedom of expression will be harmed with licenses to glorify terrorism and other absurdities, without the opposition standing up.

There is no space to reiterate as it deserves the seriousness of the attacks on the unity of Spain, the revision of history and the control of thought through political correctness and attacking dissenters, nor to underscore the levity with which the Government faces unprecedented economic difficulties.

Faced with all this, the response of politicians who must defend freedom, harmony, justice and stability is weak or absent. To the inexperience of so many cardboard rulers must be added their desire to control and distort democracy, which is the effect of the totalitarian temptation, as Revel said. In reality, here it is a totalitarian vocation, present in part of the Government, Against which an inert opposition is of little use that also, as if that were not enough, is divided.

*** Justino Sinova is a journalist and extraordinary professor emeritus at CEU San Pablo University.

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