The induced traffic (and the signs), the end of the roads

  • The end of the barriers in the majority of Catalan highways has caused an increase in circulation and accidents in the fast lanes

  • The global in all the territory, without embarrassment, is positive, only in September I paid 50% the death toll in Catalonia

El siniestro in the AP7 that the passage moon cost the life to three people, with a truck and various vehicles involved, wanted to open the debate on the vial security in the Catalan highways. Transit will cover the jewels accident balance of 2021, but it seems to confirm that this diary will be published in October in the words of the Director General of Transit, Ramon Lamiel: the end of the pages has increased the number of road signs in the fast lanes, but in the global, the statistics have increased. Only in September, the number of failed cayo a la mitad.

September 1st is the end of a decade of payday loans AP7, C32 and C33. More from them political reading, the end of the carpool concession (not all, siguen siendo de pago la C16 que sube a la Cerdanya y the tram of the C32 that from Castelldefels to El Vendrell) generated changes in the mobility habits, hasta been very marketed by the clear difference between Free and paid tickets. Here are the things, each one has its own tiny German, without cost for the user, more slow, more device, less than. La Mediterranean motorway take the N340 south and the N2 north, take the C33, from Barcelona to Parets, to connect with the AP7, available last tram of the C17. Podiums choose between pay or no pay. Eso se acabó, y empezó a aplicarse la traffic theory induced, on the one hand the drivers, both the trucks and the truck, both the good guys and the constructors infrastructure, the llenan with its vehicles.

It is a transit of secondary schools to the principal evidence taken just one month from the end of the barriers. According to this analysis, in the case of AP7 the circulation increased by 20.5%, while the C33 increased the car traffic by 50%. Everything, as it is logical, comes from them parallel carriages which is used to avoid the pay. The highest number of coaches increments the probabilities that in the car parks will be registered, a cause-and-effect issue. And so it was during those first 30 days, when the three corridors were cleared 57 accidents with victims are registered (see more than in 2019, an increase of 14%) y a person loses the life (none in the period compared). We also created the figure of heridos graves (from two to three) and the leves (from 72 to 84).

También más atascos

See also, the deal does not appear to be good from the point of view of the vial security. But hay that observes all the red viaria. Y ahí está la clave. This is how the director of Transit, El Global Accident in Catalonia it was positive, with a 50% reduction in mortality rates due to the same month in 2019. También bajaron in August and July, around 30%, meanwhile in May and June, quizzes by the euphoria through the end of alarm state, huba una subida del numeco de fallecidos del 18% y el 30%, respectively. In summary, the transit of vehicles from the secondary to the principal has only been generated champion attacks, about all in the first weeks of week without pay, so that also has translated part de la siniestralidad. But in the final photo, it does not imply that there are more accidents, but on the contrary, since the carriers are parallel to the motorways, the streets suelen ser más graves for the design and type of visa.

The theme of the probability also applies in the city of Barcelona, ​​where the calls with the most circulation are the ones that registered mayor number of accidents. From here Guardia Urbana insist no hay hablar de black points, sino de zonas de accident concentration, in which the causes are diverse and, in the majority of occasions, the intersections with most trafficking in Catalan capital. It’s the case of the crosses of calls like Aragó, Balmes, Diagonal o Gran Via, which suelen is always in this list. Rare is the occasion, if it has been sued some time, in which a call that is not in the red basica Circulation (350 of the total 1,275 kilometers of life in the city) is in this classification.

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