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Not content with weakening the collective immunity of Quebec by choosing not to be vaccinated, anti-vaccination illuminators have stormed schoolyards and hospital lobbies to demonstrate their opposition to the health measures of all ilk. The great anti-mask gatherings of the first waves had seemed wacky to us, but we had only to stay away and watch the stupidity operate as spectators. But now the illuminated cross the line too much by approaching sanctuaries that are schools and hospitals to disseminate their beliefs. Quite !

The patience and good faith of the citizens who have adhered to government measures in the hope of countering this pandemic are running out and wearing out. We can understand this completely human reflex of exasperation in front of anti-ax manifestations which approach places where patients and pupils are collected. In front of some high schools in Montreal, opponents of the vaccine were seen distributing leaflets to children, warning them of the harmful effects of the vaccination. In front of the hospitals, other of these demonstrators heckle on the topic of the unknown consequences of the “experimental” vaccination.

In our concert of loud cries, some nuances are required. First: except for health workers, for whom vaccination is compulsory, citizens of Quebec have the right not to be vaccinated. Whether or not we agree with their choice is irrelevant: respect for individual rights is one of the foundations of our democracy. Deuzio: opponents of vaccination are not all in the same boat. Among the 900,000 Quebecers who have not yet been adequately vaccinated, we can obviously suspect different underlying reasons for the absence of a vaccine: lack of time, lack of information, health problems, fears. , a matter of principle. The list can go on. However, in this lot, there is indeed a group of die-hards who are on a mission to convince the right-thinking, approaching too close to crucial places. These are the ones we are talking about here. Third: the right to demonstrate is another of the arches of democracy, right next to freedom of expression, the merits of which we would never dream of questioning. Let us see, however, if there would not be a way to respect this right to dissent while protecting the citizens who have chosen vaccination.

The last few days have confirmed increasing pressure on intensive care in hospitals – in a context where, as the Prime Minister recalled Francois Legault Wednesday, nurses are missing. This fourth wave will be that of the unvaccinated, experts and authorities said when the number of COVID-19 cases, inflated by the extreme contagiousness of the Delta variant, began to increase this summer. The figures speak for themselves: of the 785 new cases reported on Wednesday, 577 were unvaccinated or had very recently received a first dose. The irony of the demonstrations around hospitals has not escaped everyone’s notice: while oddballs outside cry out about the tyranny of the vaccine, inside, health workers are busy providing emergency care to some of them. of their associates! The death curve, fortunately, does not panic, but the deleterious effects on the health network of these “useless” patients are significant, just think of all these surgical interventions that will be postponed due to care. intensive congested.

The electoral campaign, which is being played out against a background of a pandemic, did not show that the beautiful: the attacks which were primarily the target of the Prime Minister Justin trudeau, for having been the big boss of vaccination operations in Canada, did not show the best of the human being. Leaders and politicians have rightly denounced these degrading and threatening practices. But throwing stones at the liberal trailer, really? Behavior worthy of another time. Arm yourself against threats and insults, so be it. Having to deal with throwing rocks around a disagreement over vaccination? Please, may this escalation cease.

We have heard in recent days some slippery questions around the right to demonstrate, and this is a field where one should not venture, however detestable the cause of the demonstrators. However, there are ways to ensure the protection of places and people around the places chosen by antivax. In addition to tightening security and not hesitating to distribute tickets where necessary, establishments could very well resort to the courts to obtain injunctions protecting a certain perimeter. These very thin tools can do nothing against human stupidity, but with a good dose of patience and tolerance, they should at least serve to protect the citizens.

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