The historic center of Puebla has ample parking, no longer needed: Ezequiel Oropeza

Puebla, Pue. The Historic center of the Angelopolis no longer requires parking areas in the next three years, as the 112 generating 4,000 boxes in total is enough, which can be expanded in any case, but the occupancy of spaces is 70% due to covid-19 pandemic.

This was stated by the President of the Puebla State Parking Association, Ezequiel Oropeza Gutierrez, which highlighted that some owners of these businesses only invest to enable 10 or 20 extra drawers per year, but in 2021 there was no such investment.

However, he emphasized that the parking in normal season they are at 80% as they were not even full on weekends when there is more influx to the “heart” of the city because visitors preferred to leave the vehicle on the street even though they were removed from the area.

In an interview, Oropeza Gutiérrez specified that the unfair competition of those who benefit from the public road in the space section it was a problem in the first square of the city, informal organizations which motorists charge up to 15 pesos and without a guarantee to protect the units.

He indicated that the partners were not currently considering an expansion project, as long as the pandemic was still there and the tourist activity, since 2020, they have seen a decline in the sector, affecting parking capacity.

He noted that although there is a repopulation project by developers in the vicinity of the Historic Center, the businessmen in his sector have not considered expanding the number of boxes until they see a real demand for spaces from those in the new complexes do not come to live. that they realize.

“Before there will be new flats in the area, it will take at least a year and in any case we have to see if the developers will give the families some space or if we can offer it as a pension service,” he added. .

Oropeza Gutiérrez explained that the entrepreneurs in their own premises have the ability to increase from two to three levels when required, but considering that this will be a need in the short and medium term.

According to data from the municipality, there is a census of 176 institutions in this area, which provides approximately 9,234 spaces. Of these, 76 are susceptible to increasing their capacity.

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