The Health Committee, supporter of the covid passport also in cinemas and theaters

Catalonia has applied to the High Court of Justice the extension of the covid passport for the interior of restaurants, gyms and residences, a request that for now excludes access to cinemas and theaters. However, the Government spokesperson, Patrícia Plaja, already explained this Tuesday that depending on the evolution of the epidemic, cultural venues could end up demanding it as well. And it is that in fact this is stated in the report with “maximum” proposals that has been prepared by the Covid Advisory Committee of the Department of Health, as explained this Wednesday by its director, Dr. Magda Campins.

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Campins believes that the implementation of the measure in restaurants, gyms and residences is “a first step”, but hopes that once the TSJC has positioned itself it can be extended to other areas. It has also made it clear that it is a temporary measure that will vary depending on the epidemiological situation.

At the same press conference, the Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat, Carmen Cabezas, who has admitted “concern” about the increase in hospital admissions, has justified the exclusion of culture in the covid passport: “If we go to a restaurant, many are at their maximum capacity; cinemas at the moment have a smaller influx“, he said. And he insisted:” The degree of occupation of one place and another is much lower, that is why has been presented for specific environments“, restaurants, gyms and residences

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