The head of the Puigdemont office charged for requesting police information from a Mosso

The judge of Barcelona Joaquin Aguirre has summoned the former head of Carles Puigdemont’s office to testify as a defendant for the month of July, Josep Lluis Alayfor having asked the Mossos d’Esquadra agent Xavier M., also investigated, police information on whether there was any control against him that would prevent him from traveling, as EL PERIÓDICO has learned. These investigations take place in a separate piece of the ‘Voloh case’ on alleged corruption and financing of the ‘procés’ and have been reactivated at the request of the anti-corruption prosecutor Fernando Maldonado, who handles the case. The messages with the police were found on Alay’s phone, confiscated when he was arrested in October 2020 in the Civil Guard macro-operation in which he arrested the so-called ‘general staff’ of the ‘procés’.

“Hello Xavi, I would need a small favor. You know. See if the specific control against me remains effective. I could use a screenshot too, please.” This message was written by Alay at 10:15 a.m. on July 17, 2020 and was addressed to Mosso Xavier M. A few minutes later, he insisted: “If you can, yes. Better have it please. This is a slab that I have on me to travel.” The agent replies: “Good morning, Josep. And as much as I can, but I’m on vacation and I’ll go back to work in August. If you need it now, I’ll ask someone I trust to look at it for me.” He continues: “All very well. Don’t worry, I’ll do it personally to make sure, but if they told me it wouldn’t come out, it sure as hell won’t come out.”

“Confirmed. Do not pass it to anyone”

In August, the mosso now indicted sent Alay the screenshot of the message that appears in the police files via Whatsapp and stated: “The person has no pending requirements.” The Catalan policeman, who according to the conversation was in Waterloo (Belgian town where Puigdemont resides), adds: “Confirmed. Do not pass it to anyone, please, nor have I told you anything.” The Civil Guard states in the report of the analysis of the telephone of the head of the Puigdemont office that “from these messages a use of confidential informationhow is he access to police filesto provide information to Alay about the existence or not of requisitions against him”, which could constitute an alleged crime of revealing secrets.

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The investigators maintain that the policeman “is totally aware of the fact that revealing that sensitive information“, a situation that, in his opinion, is confirmed because he tells Alay not to pass the screenshot to anyone and that he “has not told him anything.” The report, however, adds another suspicion: the messages were It follows that Alay “knows that this type of indictment exists”, some “specific controls that are dictated by police and judicial interest”, and he is aware of it “because someone must have told him”.

That is to say, according to the Civil Guard, “it would not be the first time that he receives sensitive information”, in this case “about the requisitions that may be produced on his person” and “everything to be able to make a trip that he intends to make”. The researchers specify that the screenshot reflects what “appears to be a police base”, since the number used by the Mossos to assign them to the police files appears.

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