The Happiness Variant, by Imma Sust

I don’t know about you, but I I have saved a lot of money from confinement. No bars, no parties, no trips. Three flights suspended since then and I’m on my way to the fourth. The other day, carried away by emotion, the desire to have fun and that carrot that helps us get up every day for one more illusion, I bought a plane ticket to travel to las vegas. A dream trip that I fear I will never do. But the ticket is there, the cancellation insurance too, and the hope that makes me believe that anything is possible. The hope that this ghoulish game will come to an end before my plane leaves. We go for the omicron strain and there is a lot of Greek letter left before we get to Omega. But even the nomenclature of the virus variants is not clear in this time of apocalypse. They have skipped over Nu and Xi, so as not to mislead or offend anyone. That was the reason for using the Greek alphabet, so as not to associate the virus with the country or area where it originated. As if we didn’t know that Delta means of Indian origin or Beta of Brazilian origin. They are still euphemisms. That mania of not wanting to offend anyone It will lead us to create our own language without meaning. People don’t leave, they die! They have not reduced staff in your company, they have fired you! And when you ask your partner for time, you really ask him to be able to have sex with other people. I claim the power that it has say things by name. The force of truth, spoken clearly and directly. In politics so many euphemisms are used that people are very lost. You turn on the radio or read the newspapers and it seems they are all traveling in a ‘Star Trek’ ship speaking Klingon. The euphemisms, mixed with the amount of lies they tell us, end up getting us to go through everything and not pay them a damn case. And that’s why I’m going to Las Vegas. Because I have the variant of happiness injected into my vein. Because, virus or no virus, I am alive and I want to enjoy life. Of course, instead of an Elvis ‘souvenir’, I come with the Pi variant. Don’t take it into account.

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