The Government urges to execute the sentence that leaves the immersion in the school touched

The ‘minister’ has asked by letter to the directors of the educational centers not to change their teaching language project

The Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, has urged the Generalitat to execute the sentence that obliges him to guarantee 25% of the classes in Spanish after the ‘minister’ of Education, Josep González-Cambray, has encouraged by letter to the directors of the educational centers to not abide by it. Llop has warned that the execution of the sentence It does not correspond to the Executive but to the Supreme Court.

The ‘conseller’ has requested by letter to the directors of the educational centers do not change your teaching language project: “We want you to continue working exactly as before.”

Guarantees of the Ministry

The ‘minister’ González-Cambray has assured “guarantee” that the Ministry of Education will not request the execution of the sentence. In statements in Rac1, Cambray explained that the Minister of Education of the Government, Pilar Alegría, has transferred him this Tuesday that they will call for compliance with the new education law state, the LOMLOE.

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The Sindicat d’Estudiants dels Països Catalans (SEPC) has organized stops in schools for this Friday against the decision of the Supreme Court. The union has appealed to disobey this decision.

The SEPC has warned that Catalan “is in danger“and asks not to normalize the” attacks “on the Catalan public school.” Without Catalan there is no school “has defended the union.

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